Take control with Vivaldi 1.4

Theme scheduling lets Vivaldi match your mood throughout the day.


OSLO – SEPTEMBER 8TH, 2016 – Within a month of its previous release, Vivaldi forges ahead in providing a visually striking, functional, flexible and fast browsing experience by releasing its latest version 1.4 today. In this version, customization gets richer and lets you take charge of scheduling themes along with improved web panels. Download Vivaldi 1.4 today from vivaldi.com.

Joining our myriad of features and functionality, theme scheduling gives you the power to set your favorite theme to your preferred time like no other browser has ever done. After enabling a Theme in the Settings, you can set its scheduling. A timeline visualization explains clearly when the changes will take place. You can see it here:

Vivaldi allows you to switch your favorite theme according to your schedule as many times as you want during the day – be it when you leave for or arrive at work, or when it’s time to call it a day or night. Theme scheduling makes Vivaldi the only browser which changes the theme automatically.

What more?

Not only adding new features but improving them continuously has been the focal point of Vivaldi. One of Vivaldi’s signature features, Web panels, has been greatly improved. With web panels, you can add individual websites to Vivaldi’s side panels to browse alongside your main browser window. Think of fast browsing of social media or news sites without switching tabs. Now we’ve added more controls and offer customized widths for different web panels, which give you greater flexibility over how the content is presented.

A ‘What if’ is better than an ‘Oops’. What if you inadvertently close a tab? What if you could undo it, easily and immediately? Vivaldi now lets you restore the last closed tab by middle-clicking on the trash bin icon making it a useful time saving feature especially when you close a tab by accident. All in all, with new features and some key improvements, Vivaldi makes the web even more ‘browsable’.

“We care for our users. Continuous introduction of new features and to better them with user feedback is what Vivaldi is all about.” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Vivaldi Technologies. We want Vivaldi to not only look beautiful but also work beautifully. We want our features to be useful, but also fun for our users.”

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