Vivaldi has been updated

What's New

One day. Two big Vivaldi browser releases. Version 3.0 has arrived on your computer and, at the same time, the much-awaited first version of Vivaldi for Android is live. Both with built-in privacy tools – Tracker and Ad blocker – and new, unique features.

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a new versVivaldi 3.0 arrives on Windows, Mac and Linux computers and the much-awaited first version of Vivaldi launches on Android devices. 


bugs fixed


features added

0 tracking. 1 million ways to make it yours.

As we navigate the difficult times of the pandemic, we rely on our browser to keep us connected to friends, family and work.

Vivaldi does not track you and now we don’t let others track you.

We continue to add useful features, giving you 1 million ways to make Vivaldi yours.

Quick Commands

Stop trackers and ads from following you around the web

In today's update, we introduce an important privacy feature – a built-in Tracker and Ad blocker. Look out for the shield icon to the left of your address field or go to Settings → Privacy to enable or disable the Tracker and Ad blocker.

Find a unique Clock in the Status Bar

We've baked a handy clock into the browser. Customize it to show an analog clock face, the current date or seconds. There's also a countdown and alarm functionality. Use the countdowns as a reminder to take breaks and the alarm as a prompt for future events.

Enjoy improved Pop-out video

While more people adjust to working from home, there’s been a commensurate bump in consuming video. We've added more functionality to the Pop-out video (Picture-in-Picture). Crucially, you can now enable it as well as disable it in Settings under Webpages.

Get Vivaldi for Android

After a few months in beta, some incredible feedback, and impressive downloads, the stable version of the new fully-featured Vivaldi for Android is here. Get it on Google Play