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What's New

Expanding our menus, adding global default settings to silence site notifications, and improved performance – welcome to Vivaldi 2.9!

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Vivaldi 2.9 menus


bugs fixed


features added

What's on the menu?

Vivaldi is all about giving you multiple ways to access things and control the browser.

From keyboard-friendly options like Keyboard Shortcuts and Quick Commands, to using our baked-in Mouse Gestures to get things done with a flick of the wrist – the world really is your oyster.

For many of you, a crucial way to get around is using the top menus of Vivaldi. In this update we've put some serious work into enhancing them and making our menus even more useful.

Check out the new additions

Accessing custom Web Panels from the Vivaldi Menu

Setting global default site permissions

Had enough of creepy requests from websites to access your location, hardware or to send you notifications? You're not alone.

In Vivaldi 2.9 you can now set global default preferences to handle these requests. You can, of course, still deal with these permissions on a case-by-case basis as well by selecting "Ask". But if you want to permanently "Block" or "Allow" certain kinds of requests, now you have a way!

Adjust your defaults by heading to Settings > Web Pages > Default Permissions

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