Vivaldi has been updated

What’s New?

With this update we focused on improving one of Vivaldi’s key features – Quick Commands. In the latest version of Vivaldi you can now create Notes or adjust the UI Zoom level directly in the Quick Commands interface.

As always, in this update there are also a lot of fixes and improvements to the browser as a whole. Find out more about this latest release by visiting the Vivaldi Blog.

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bugs fixed


features added

Quick Commands

As you might’ve guessed by the name, this command line interface lets you find anything in the browser (and even issue commands) in an instant. The best way to see how it works is to open it up and give it a try.

Open Quick Commands using F2 / ⌘ E by default. You can also find it under Tools in the main menu. Use Esc to close Quick Commands.

Read the Quick Commands Guide

Quick Commands in Vivaldi