Vivaldi 6.8 on iOS – Take control of your inactive tabs and new personalization options. 

The latest update to Vivaldi brings new ways for you to personalize the browser, with a customizable button in the address bar and easier Start Page customization. We have also made several improvements to our Ad Blocker and enabled Bookmark nickname matching.

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We have three cornerstones for what you should expect from our browser; Powerful, Personal, Private. The release of Vivaldi Browser 6.8 on iOS brings Powerful new features and functionality that allow you to make your browser even more Personal.

Here are the highlights for Vivaldi 6.8 on iOS:

Find your inactive tabs in Tab Switcher

Image of two Vivaldi 6.8 browsers on iOS side-by-side. The option to easily find inactive tabs for efficient tab management.has been added to this release.
You can select the interval for when a tab is moved to inactive.

Efficient tab management is at the heart of a seamless browsing experience. With Vivaldi 6.8 on iOS, we are introducing a new user interface for inactive tabs in the tab switcher. This lets you see which tabs are inactive at a glance, making it easier to manage and organize your open tabs. By default, a tab will be set to inactive if you haven’t used it in the last 21 days, but you can select the interval for when a tab should be moved to Inactive from settings. All inactive tabs will be found in a folder above your open tabs when opening the Tab Switcher. Inactive tabs are hibernated and will not consume any resources from your device. It’s up to you whether you want to close your inactive tabs.

Open Bookmarks, Reading List, and History in the background

Image of Vivaldi 6.8 browser on iOS. The option to find open links in the background without disrupting your workflow has been added.
Open links without disruptions to your workflow.

We understand that multitasking is simply essential when it comes to browsing. The new “Open in Background” option available for bookmarks, the reading list, and history allows you to open links without interrupting your current browsing session. This means you can queue up content to read later, keeping your focus intact on the task at hand. It’s a small change that makes a big difference in how you manage your time and workflow on the go.

Bookmarks Nickname Matching

Image of Vivaldi 6.8 browser on iOS. The option to find bookmarks using their given nicknames has been added to this update.
Easily find your Bookmarks using the nicknames you’ve given them.

Bookmarks are a great way to save and organize your favorite websites but finding them quickly is crucial. This feature allows you to search for your bookmarks by their assigned nicknames, making them easier to find and access with just a few keystrokes. It’s a simple yet powerful way to streamline your browsing experience and keep your favorite sites at your fingertips.

To give a Bookmark a nickname, follow these steps:

1. Open the Side Panel

2. In Bookmarks Panel

3. Open the folder containing the bookmark you want to give a nickname

4. Long press the bookmark

5. Choose edit (pen icon)

6. Add nickname and save

Start Page Customization

Image of two Vivaldi 6.8 browsers on iOS side-by-side with one more option to customize the Start Page.
Customize your Start Page and give it your personal touch.

In Vivaldi 6.8 we have made it easier for you to customize your Start Page. You can now select how to display your Speed Dials, create new Speed Dial groups, or remove them all together, directly from the Start Page. By clicking “Customize Start Page” you can also change your background image.

Ad Blocker Update

For the newest version of Vivaldi, we’ve also made improvements to the built-in Tracker and Ad Blocker. We made several underlying changes to how our ad blocker works to make it more effective. We are continuously working on improving our Tracker and Ad Blocker, as our end goal is to make it the only blocker you need.

By listening to user feedback and continually refining the browser, we ensure that every update brings meaningful improvements that enhance the way you interact with the web. If you haven’t already, update to Vivaldi 6.8 and discover how these new features can improve your mobile browsing experience.

As it is the season of summer, we have done what many of you might have done recently and killed some bugs. You can see exactly what bugs have been killed and the fixes we have made from the changelog below. 

Changelog – Vivaldi 6.7 to 6.8

[New] Add Enable Bookmarks Nickname Matching in address bar setting (VIB-778)

[New] Add Open In Background option for bookmarks, reading list and history (VIB-749)

[New] Customizable Start Page (VIB-452)

[New] Inactive tabs settings (VIB-451)


[Settings] Bottom toolbar settings in onboarding does not work (VIB-668)

[Settings] Supporting dark mode for markdown (VIB-786)

[Settings] Update passwords settings icon (VIB-788)

Start Page

[Start page] Add remove and rename context menu item for toolbar groups (VIB-775)

[Start page] Enable new start page by default (VIB-782)


[UI] Fix status bar and search suggestions overlap (VIB-702)

[UI] Do not allow copying when address bar is empty (VIB-692)

[UI] Do not show tracker blocker shield on start page (VIB-704)

[UI] Improve Sync UI (VIB-590)

[UI] Start syncing button looks strange when disabled. (VIB-664)

[UI] Text for Shared screen is not correct (VIB-731)


[Autocomplete] Add nickname match type label to suggestions (VIB-780)

[Gestures] Can’t swipe to close tabs settings page (VIB-706)

[Notes] Replace “view as HTML” toggle with markdown button in navigation bar (VIB-779)

[Sync] No option to reset Sync’s encryption password on the login page (VIB-669)

Upgraded to 126.0.6478.133

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