Vivaldi on iOS gets Address and Tab Bars at the bottom or top, Custom Start Page Wallpapers, and full browser History Sync encrypted.

This year’s Holiday release – Vivaldi 6.5 – is packed with a string of new features on your iPhones and iPads.

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Vivaldi on iOS is the best gift we could give you this year.  

As we near the Holidays, we bring in more cheer by adding one of the most requested features to the browser — a configurable Address Bar and Tab Bar. Now, you can place the Address Bar and Tab Bar at the bottom or keep them at the top.

Now that you can place the Address Bar at the bottom, you also have the option to reverse the order of search suggestions. This option is in addition to the default view that shows search results on the top. 

You can give a personal touch to the browser’s Start Page by adding your custom images as wallpapers, or by choosing from a selection of preloaded wallpapers. 

The new update also gets the signature feature of the browser where the color of the user interface matches the colors of the webpage you’re visiting.

Furthermore, we now make your complete browsing history available on all your devices. All data in Vivaldi Sync is fully end-to-end encrypted (E2EE).

We’ve also launched today a powerful version on desktop with a strong lineup of features that you’ll love.

Configurable Address and Tab Bars, take it to the bottom or top

In Vivaldi, you are not confined to pre-determined and locked settings. Instead, we aim to build a browser that adapts to the workflows and preferences of our users. 

In this update – based on your suggestions – we’ve added more flexibility and options to the Address Bar and Tab Bar integrated by default at the top.

Configurable Address and Tab Bars in the Vivaldi browser on iOS

Now you can move the Tab Bar – Vivaldi’s unique real desktop-style tabs, and the Address Bar to the bottom of the screen or keep them on the top according to your preference.

With a configurable Address Bar and Tab Bar, you can make the user interface your own and keep the browser functionality within easy reach.

Unlike other mobile browsers, the Tab Bar (used for switching between tabs) not only solves the problem of out-of-control tabs but, when enabled at the bottom, is easier to use – especially one-handed, with phones and iPads with larger screens.

You can also move and remove these configurable bars to get that crucial screen space on mobile devices if needed. Moving the Address Bar to the bottom of the user interface creates more screen space at the top, an area where your eyes might naturally focus.

Vivaldi’s Tab Bar at the bottom of an iPad

Head to Settings > Tabs, and pick your choice of the Address Bar Position. Or simply revert to its original placement if it does not fit in a certain workflow. You can also long-press the address field and switch the Address Bar position.

Similarly, you can choose to have Tab Style preference too.

Reverse search suggestion order

Because Vivaldi adapts to you, it lets you view your search results the way you prefer. The default view shows the search results starting on the top of the screen, whilst this new option “Reverse search suggestion order” is for those who prefer to find a particular typed search close to the Address Bar at the bottom.

For example, when searching for “Christmas movies on Netflix”, the search result will be right above the Address Bar. This option can be enabled under Tabs in Settings.

View search engine suggestions either on top or bottom

Start Page with custom wallpapers, now uniquely yours

The Start Page is a gateway to the web, so why should you be restricted to a plain startup page with limited functionality and design? We thought it was about time to give you a Start Page that you can call your own.

Personalize your Start Page with preloaded or custom image wallpapers

At the core of Vivaldi’s Start Page are Speed Dials displaying thumbnail galleries of bookmarks. Thumbnails are generated by default.

Show your style and add custom images as wallpapers to your Start Page. It could be a cherished photo, perhaps a picture of your cat, or any image from your phone album. 

There are also 12 preloaded wallpapers that you can select from. However, the Light and Dark Theme options allow you to have a preferred style independent of the System Theme.

Choose your preferred theme and a matching wallpaper background”

Personalize your Start Page by heading to Settings > Appearance, and add any custom image as your wallpaper with a tap on the plus button.

Dynamic accent color for web pages

Getting the User Interface to match the colors of each website you’re visiting can easily give your browser that “Wow” factor!

User Interface matched the colors of each website that is being visited

Similar to Vivaldi on desktop, you will get an accent color from the web page you are visiting. The Tab Bar background and Status Bar background (when the bottom Address Bar is enabled) show the dynamic colors of the webpage. However, if the webpage doesn’t return any color it falls back to the default color.

Vivaldi syncs your full browser history (encrypted!)

Vivaldi now syncs your full browser history so that you never lose that article you read on your laptop or an iPad. This means that all the web pages that you’ve visited are available across all your devices when you are logged into Vivaldi Sync.

Full Browser History Sync encrypted

All your data is end-to-end encrypted between your devices. We cannot read it on our servers – only you can access your data! We don’t profile you or sell your information to advertisers because your privacy is our priority.

Earlier, Vivaldi Sync used to synchronize your typed history, the searches, and the addresses you typed into the Address Field. But now you can rediscover anything that you visited on another device anytime. Read more about Vivaldi Sync.

Gift yourself Vivaldi 6.5 this Holiday season

We truly hope that our unique range of features will add more joy to your browsing. Your feedback is something that we look forward to and try to include it as soon as we can. So please keep them coming.

For now, get Vivaldi from the App Store, and don’t forget to rate it with 5 stars. 

If you are impressed, please spread the holiday cheer by gifting Vivaldi to your family and friends with this greeting. Let’s make someone’s holiday special. 

Happy Holidays. Enjoy! 

Changelog Vivaldi 6.5

  • [New] Implement bottom address bar(VIB-133)
  • [New] Add Setting to set custom Start Page wallpaper (VIB-284)
  • [New] Add settings for reverse search suggestion order when the address bar is on the bottom (VIB-518)
  • [Sync] Add the ‘Save password’ checkbox to sync login page (VIB-501)
  • [Sync] Update history sync title for settings (VIB-505)
  • [Tabs] Pinned tabs use the wrong icon as a favicon (VIB-525)
  • [UI] Private tab should use the dark theme (VIB-326)
  • [UI] Settings shows the wrong app icon on stable (VIB-487)
  • [UI] Use color based on browsing mode (private/regular) for over scroll view (VIB-522)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 120.0.6099.81

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