Vivaldi bypasses restrictions to access Bing Chat. Improves Workspaces.

The latest version of Vivaldi on desktop masquerades as competitors to benefit its users, adds more functionality to Workspaces and Tabs.

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Today, we launch the new version, Vivaldi 6.1, on desktop and notebooks. It is now ready for download on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Vivaldi sends a clear hint to Microsoft Bing Chat

Vivaldi is built on top of the Chromium open-source project. It’s the same core used in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Websites that work in one Chromium browser should work in others.

Many websites worked perfectly in Vivaldi but were blocked when not included on the site’s allowed list of leading browsers. To combat this, back in 2019, Vivaldi was forced to change its User-Agent strings. These strings contain the web browser’s name, the name of the operating system, and other technical information.

Vivaldi began masquerading as Google Chrome for better site compatibility.

Vivaldi would like to proudly announce itself as Vivaldi, but the current state of the web makes this difficult.

Fast forward to 2023: The new Client Hints standard is intended to replace the legacy User-Agent. Vivaldi is now getting reports that websites block Vivaldi based on its Client Hints. History is repeating itself.

Vivaldi developer, Yngve Pettersen explains User-Agent discrimination:

It’s not only websites that discriminate based on your name. Vivaldi now masquerades as Google Chrome for graphic card drivers, which unlocks graphic card driver optimizations made specifically for Chrome.

By pretending to be Chrome, the GPU user uses less memory and resources. It improves battery life, reduces crashes, and improves system stability.

There are people who would like to try Bing Chat but have been unable to do so as they would need to use Microsoft Edge for that. Now, we have taken additional steps to ensure that you get to use Bing Chat.

Vivaldi masquerades as Microsoft Edge when visiting Bing. This means that you can access Bing Chat using Vivaldi.

Bing Chat open in Vivaldi browser.
Vivaldi users can use Bing Chat on desktop without downloading Edge.

Workspaces are now improved.

In Vivaldi 6.0, we introduced Workspaces on the desktop. Wired explains it best: “[Workspaces] turn out to be yet another great option to tame your tab jungle.”

It takes our unique tab management functionality even higher. Workspaces lets you quickly switch between sets of tabs and keep your tab bar tidy. The ability to use Tab Stacks (groups) and Tab Tiling (split-screen view) within Workspaces makes working with tabs way more fun and focused.

With your encouraging feedback, we have continued to improve Workspaces. Now you have the ability to drag and drop and rearrange different Workspaces as per your preferences.

Workspaces being reordered in the Workspaces menu on the Tab Bar.
In Vivaldi, workspaces can be reordered as per the user’s workflow.

Copy & share links from Tabs, Tab Stacks in a jiffy

At our core, we believe it’s important to consider different workflows when designing features. We recognize that people work differently, and we do our best to provide the tools that meet different workflows.

You can now select tabs and copy links to all the selected pages. You can quickly share your hotel search or travel itinerary with a friend in a simple operation.

You can also use the same functionality in Workspaces.

Right-click a Tab Stack, multiple selected tabs, or on the Workspace in the workspace menu, and then click “Copy Links”.

Vivaldi Window with 5 selected tabs and the context menu open for copying the links of the selected tabs.
Copy links from multiple selected tabs with a right-click and share information quickly.

Get started with Vivaldi, revamped on desktop.

Discoverability and user experience are areas that we constantly strive to improve. That is why we have rethought how we greet new users and introduce them to Vivaldi. We guide new users through some of our core features to make Vivaldi work for them.

First page of Vivaldi Browser's welcome flow.
The new onboarding will help users get started easily

Vivaldi 6.1 is all set to be downloaded.

At every step, we are improving Vivaldi by polishing our features with the help of your feedback. We love them, so keep them coming in. Download Vivaldi today and make it yours!

In other news, we recently released the preview of our browser on iPhones and iPads. We are inviting more and more people to try the new version as quickly as we can handle all the excellent feedback. Sign up for the iOS newsletter to be notified when it becomes available.

For more details on Vivaldi 6.1, head to the changelog.

Changelog from 6.0 to 6.1

  • [New][Client Hints] Bing chat only works if you manually identify as Edge (VB-96016)
  • [New][Client Hints] Make Google Chrome the default Client Hints Brand (VB-96837)
  • [New][Workspaces][Tab bar] Add ability to re-arrange Workspaces (VB-96725)
  • [New][Workspaces] Add a scrollbar for long workspace list (VB-97675)
  • [New][Performance] Increase speed by hiding process identity (VB-96068)
  • [New][Bookmarks] Simplify UI for Add Bookmark (VB-91681)
  • [New][Calendar] Event invitation dialog refresh (VB-95463)
  • [Tabs][Menus] Copy Links from selected tabs or Tab Stacks (VB-96011)
  • [Address bar] Down arrow triggers a search for a URL (VB-96611)
  • [Address bar][Settings] Add setting to disable domain autocomplete (VB-97497)
  • [Address bar][Settings] With native windows and tabs not on top the Vivaldi menu button is overlapped (VB-97898)
  • [Bookmarks] Description overwritten when selecting next item (VB-96869)
  • [Bookmarks] Dialog height and overflow is wrong (VB-97181)
  • [Bookmarks] On adding, the title and description may be wrong (VB-97001)
  • [Bookmarks] Reenable autocomplete in Bookmark editor (VB-95418)
  • [Clock] Add button to remove all past timers (VB-73261)
  • [Clock] Can’t set an alarm for 0:00 (VB-72634)
  • [Clock] Display alarm name in clock button (VB-66062)
  • [Clock] Dropdown progress display issues (VB-96667)
  • [Clock] In countdown mode it displays both progress and clock hands (VB-96666)
  • [Clock] Japanese AM/PM info in Alarm setting is cut off (VB-86596)
  • [Clock] Unable to set arbitrary alarm time (VB-68724)
  • [Clock] “Start” alarm button should be named “Set” (VB-89240)
  • [Crash] On (VB-97476)
  • [Crash] On startup (VB-97192)
  • [Crash] When opening a warning dialog for external app URL (e.g windows feedback) (VB-97125)
  • [Crash][Developer Tools] Crash when closing tab after undocking (VB-97557)
  • [Crash][Developer Tools] When closing recently undocked dev tools window (VB-97822)
  • [Crash][Extensions] My browser crashes when I try to open a tab with an extension (VB-97546)
  • [Crash][Extensions] iCloud Passwords extension cannot be deleted (VB-97170)
  • [Crash][macOS] Adding Google account in system settings causes crash (VB-95984)
  • [Crash][macOS] When screen locked / revived from hibernate (VB-95776)
  • [Developer tools] Opened as background of Startpage (VB-97133)
  • [Downloads] Display ‘save to’ location in dialog (VB-97806)
  • [Downloads] Panel should not open when it is removed (VB-96883)
  • [Extensions] Popup is displayed incorrectly when placed in the status bar (VB-96761)
  • [Extensions][Keyboard] Shortcuts don’t work (VB-14668)
  • [History] Column headers of History month view unstable when searching (VB-96479)
  • [Icons] The New Note and Screenshot button icons are too similar (VB-92823)
  • [macOS] Fullscreen incorrectly restored after restart (VB-93085)
  • [macOS] Navigation buttons overflow the toolbar with a high UI zoom (VB-96552)
  • [Panels] Address field’s dropdown in panel shows incorrectly (VB-96292)
  • [Panels] Window Panel audio icon broken (VB-84092)
  • [Performance] More responsive list views (VB-97641)
  • [Periodic reload] “Disable All” periodic reloads should only apply to the active workspace tabs or web panel tabs (VB-96383)
  • [Popout Video] PiP indicator uses the chromecast icon instead (VB-96898)
  • [Profiles] Avatar window for new profiles has empty space (VB-97665)
  • [Profiles] Center align buttons in Profile dialog (VB-97661)
  • [Quick Commands] Focus is not set correctly after executing quick command
  • [Quick Commands] Scroll bar on Quick Commands is not working (VB-97176)
  • [Quick Commands] Use correct search term when filtering history (VB-69148)
  • [Quick Commands] ‘Show close tabs’ does nothing when the trash can icon is disabled (VB-97350)
  • [Quick Commands][Extensions] Triggering hidden extensions from gets a weird position (VB-97669)
  • [Reader Mode] Styling not always applied (VB-96954)
  • [Search] Remove Neeva as an included search engine (VB-97712)
  • [Search] Suggestions don’t go over the whole width when Address bar is a Pop-Up (VB-90423)
  • [Settings] Content blocker settings should scroll to focus (VB-79063)
  • [Settings] “About Vivaldi” entry has the chrome icon (VB-97214)
  • [Speed dial] Context menu doesn’t work within folder (VB-96788)
  • [Sync][Profiles] Not possible to Sign In to Sync from Profile switcher (VB-97382)
  • [Sync][Speed dial][Bookmarks] Custom thumbnails lost and can not be set permanently (VB-97562)
  • [Tab Bar] Drag to search in a stacks’ tab tab should open the tab inside the stack (VB-97801)
  • [Tab Bar] Dragging a tab which plays sound from inside a tab stack to outside of it keeps the audio icon playing (VB-97784)
  • [Tab bar] Dragging and dropping text to the new tab button to search doesn’t work (VB-96951)
  • [Tabs] Reduce initial tab bar animation (VB-97075)
  • [Tabs] Untile Tabs missing from Tab’s context menu (VB-96526)
  • [Themes] Add border between Navigation and Tab bar (VB-96438)
  • [Themes] Various high contrast mode fixes (VB-96360)
  • [Toolbars] Editor needs a label for the default toolbar (VB-95850)
  • [UI Zoom][Address bar] Glitch on OS buttons when address bar is hidden (VB-96873)
  • [UI] White flash on browser start (VB-92622)
  • [Update notifier] Button and dialog update (VB-97352)
  • [Vivaldia] Game is blurry (VB-77929)
  • [Welcome] Add favicon to the Welcome Page (VB-97104)
  • [Windows Panel] Window/Workspace root level reports wrong number of tabs (VB-96966)
  • [Windows Panel][Workspaces] SVG icons missing (VB-97872)
  • [Windows][Installer] On upgrade task bar icons are broken (VB-97113)
  • [Windows][Installer][Keyboard] Focus issue – opens Privacy Policy instead of “Accept and Install” (VB-97561)
  • [Windows][Settings] Empty space on top of address bar if Native Window and Tab Bar at left (VB-97830)
  • [Windows][Settings] Remove tab spacing in maximized window does not work (VB-97013)
  • [Workspaces] Can become empty (VB-96594)
  • [Workspaces] Change “Copy Address” to “Copy Link” (VB-96550)
  • [Workspaces] Context menu open in another workspace not working properly (VB-96622)
  • [Workspaces] Deleting a workspace creates an empty restored workspace (VB-97833)
  • [Workspaces] List items have a darker background on dark themes (VB-97950)
  • [Workspaces] Open the active page’s workspace on start (VB-96702)
  • [Workspaces] Switch workspaces with a single click (VB-97084)
  • [Workspaces] Tabs can end up duplicated in invisible workspaces (VB-97549)
  • [Workspaces] Unable to move Tab to Separate Window from within Tab Stack when using the new Workspaces Feature (VB-97355)
  • [Workspaces] Workspace names should not be translated (VB-96937)
  • [Workspaces][Popout Video] Back to tab from PiP opens in wrong workspace (VB-95084)
  • [Workspaces][Settings] Disable and Warn users with options other than “Startup with Last Session” (VB-95507)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 114.0.5735.118

Mail, Calendar and Feed Reader 1.6

  • [Mail] After importing from Opera Mail, those with attachments are not flagged as such (VB-96659)
  • [Mail] Body not rendered for multipart messages with missing end-boundary (VB-97433)
  • [Mail] Changing a query filter does not remove messages that no longer match (VB-97242)
  • [Mail] Clarify deletions in empty trash confirmation dialog (VB-96971)
  • [Mail] Error in console when disabling Mail during IMAP sync (VB-96974)
  • [Mail] Fixes for marking and unmarking junk (VB-96789)
  • [Mail] Keyboard shortcut to collapse all threads triggers with modifiers (VB-96993)
  • [Mail] Labels, date, size, and attachment columns are misaligned with the column headers in horizontal view (VB-97585)
  • [Mail] List view column headers and entries misaligned (VB-97585)
  • [Mail] OAuth Fixes for Outloook / Hotmail (VB-97248)
  • [Mail] Panel not updated after subscribing to a feed through preview (VB-97442)
  • [Mail] Panel not updated when setting up first POP3 account (VB-96466)
  • [Mail] Panel shows no accounts briefly on startup (VB-97340)
  • [Mail] OAuth being prompted too often (VB-96662)
  • [Mail] mailto: links not working (VB-97610)
  • [Calendar] Cannot change tabs in inline editing (VB-97338)
  • [Calendar] Copy paste pastes in wrong place in day and week view (VB-96591)
  • [Calendar] Error handling when removing calendar account (VB-97183)
  • [Calendar] Event duplicated on click outside (VB-97110)
  • [Calendar] Event editor instantly closes (VB-97080)
  • [Calendar] Filter file picker for iCal files (VB-73076)
  • [Calendar] Move Today button between Previous and Next buttons (VB-97377)
  • [Calendar] New Event – Warn if no calendar is found (VB-95805)
  • [Calendar] Recurring event exception showing up at exception date in day view (VB-93442)
  • [Calendar] Recurring events get UTC instead of specified timezone (VB-97781)
  • [Calendar] Reminder improvements: snooze in longer units than minutes, Show date when event is different day, etc. (VB-95985)
  • [Calendar] WebCal can not be added in Settings without password and username (VB-96723)
  • [Calendar] Wrong hour format in Calendar Status (VB-93246)
  • [Calendar][Mail] Share same refresh and access_tokens for OAuth (VB-95258)
  • [Calendar][Settings] Skip download prompt when “Open ICS files in Vivaldi” enabled (VB-97411)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Repeat being available for a task with no due date is confusing (VB-92084)
  • [Feeds] All Atom 0.3 feed dates read as 1970-01-01 (VB-97744)
  • [Feeds] Hide Reply-To/From mismatch warning for feed items (VB-97703)
  • [Feeds] Offline accounts and RSS feeds removed from panel after update (VB-96072)
  • [Feeds] RSS and OPML preview enhancements: Fix empty titles, sans-serif font, emoji, tracking pixels (VB-97243)
  • [Feeds][Mail] Offline accounts and RSS feeds removed from panel after update (VB-96072)
  • [Feeds][Settings] Merge feeds’ Offline checkbox into the Refresh Interval drop-down as “Never” (VB-97434)

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