The start of 1.13 stablization – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.13.998.3

In today’s snapshot we address some of the recent regressions from our window handling rewrite.

You wait for weeks for a new snapshot and then two come along at once!

We need to begin the stablization process of 1.13, so here is a snapshot with fixes for some of the regressions that you mentioned yesterday. For more details of recent new features like the Windows Panel and for a list of known issues, read yesterday’s snapshot.

Download (1.13.998.3)


  • [Regression] Tab switching actions are missing on first run (VB-31954)
  • [Regression] Problems with visual tab switching (VB-32399)
  • [Regression] Switching tabs by RMB+scroll also scrolls the page: Edit: further fix required (VB-23724)
  • [Regression] Fast Forward and Reader View do not work in private windows (VB-32214)
  • [Bookmarks] No bookmark dialog when the address bar is hidden (VB-7885)