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Sync is coming. Watch the progress live.

We’re working on Sync – and showing you the code. Live.

Sync live coding session

You want Vivaldi to roll out Sync, right? Well, guess what – that day is drawing nearer. I’ve been working closely on Sync and thought I could give you a sneak peek into the action.

I was thinking about how gamers live stream their virtual escapades to thousands of viewers around the world, and then it hit me – why not do the same with coding? I couldn’t recall anyone doing anything like this on a company level, especially in the world of browsers. So I thought we should give it a go.

Join me for a five-hour session at 13:00–18:00 CEST on July 5 here.

I will be coding live (taking 30 min off at 15:30 – even developers need a break sometimes!) and answering your questions. Please make sure you have Flash installed and that you’re logged in to be able to leave comments in the chat.

See you there!

Julien Picalausa
Written by Julien Picalausa

Software developer at Vivaldi since January 2017. When I'm not at work, I play video games or maintain my servers. I'm also a dungeon master, mostly playing DnD 3.5.

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