Improved full screen tab casting – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1805.3

This snapshot fixes issues with the address bar, tab casting, extension popups and a regression with panels.

Download (1805.3)


  • [Address Bar] Popup address bar overlaps tab bar when both are at the bottom (VB-62523)
  • [Casting] Fullscreen tab ‘Chrome casting’ does not work as expected (VB-49195)
  • [Extensions] Incorrect focus styling for Popup buttons (VB-62597)
  • [Extensions][Keyboard] Make the shortcuts work when the popup/toggle is clicked (showing hidden) (VB-62649)
  • [Panels][Regression] Missing border (VB-62546)
  • [Regression] Dead bird through find-in-page (VB-62572)
  • [Settings] Custom URL protocol not supported in “Search Engines” (VB-62440)

Main photo by Hennie Stander

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