Easier pop out video – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1811.3

This snapshot makes it easier to use picture-in-picture (pop out video), changes the default theme to match OS dark/light settings, and includes a minor Chromium update.

Known Issues

  • [macOS] 1811.3 is only available via autoupdate
  • [Search] Default search engines can be removed on upgrade (VB-62887)
  • [Themes] New schedule default value should not affect users that have changed themes (VB-62890)

Download (1811.3)


  • [New][Media] Implement picture-in-picture (pop out video) button on every video (VB-62563)
  • [Notes][Quick Commands][Regression] Can not focus Note (VB-62592)
  • [Settings][Regression] Search does not match many keywords (VB-62698)
  • [Bookmarks][Address Bar] Unable to edit title in add dialog (VB-62771)
  • [Panels] Toolbar button wrapping issue (VB-59526)
  • [Keyboard][Tabs] Selection expands in both directions: reduce selection when changing direction selecting with Shift (VB-62658)
  • [Settings][Search] Added engines do not display favicons (VB-60993)
  • [Themes] Does not follow OS Dark/Light mode by default (VB-62703)
  • [Translations][Regression] Japanese only partially translated (VB-62739)
  • [Panels][Bookmarks] TypeError (VB-56713)
  • [Windows][Notifications] Invalid tab opens in the newest Vivaldi instance when notification from another, older install is clicked (VB-45447)
  • [Quick Commands] Add Cast option (VB-62750)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 80.0.3987.84

Main photo by Noah Buscher

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