Automatic element hiding in the blocker – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1874.30

Blocked elements can sometimes leave pages looking incompletely loaded, so from this snapshot we attempt to hide elements broken by blocking rules. There is also a new silent update option for macOS.

Download (1874.30)


  • [Blocker][New] Add support for automatic element hiding (VB-65689)
  • [Blocker] Make context menu option to restore deleted default ad blocking lists more obvious (VB-65511)
  • [Clock] Add date to label (VB-64906)
  • [Clock] Adjusting alarm minutes field by arrow keys does not work in 12 hour format (VB-65472)
  • [Clock] Label setting does not work (VB-65316)
  • [Clock] Not present on old installs without a reset (VB-65580)
  • [Clock] Preview incorrect when more than 12 hours into the future (VB-65232)
  • [Popout Video][New] Add video progress bar in PIP window (VB-65187)
  • [Themes][Settings] Select Custom Start Page Colour Greys out Dialog (VB-65466)
  • [macOS] New translations strings for Japanese in Sparkle updater (VB-64718)
  • [macOS] ⌘m frequently minimizes two windows (VB-63208)
  • [macOS][New] Option for automatic, silent updates on next start (VB-20993)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 81.0.4044.100

Main photo by Caleb Woods

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