Meet you in Reykjavík

It’s been a busy week at our office in Iceland where the team is hosting two W3C events for the Technical Architecture Group.

W3C’s Technical Architecture Group (TAG) documents the architecture of the World Wide Web and acts as a technical steering group for web standards.

If you want to get a heads-up of new Web standards and technologies in development, or air the web technology issues that matter to you, that’s the place to go.

TAG is composed of 10 engineers who are either elected by the membership of the W3C or appointed by Tim Berners-Lee.

This week, the fine folk from TAG are not only in Reykjavík but under Vivaldi’s roof for two important events!

Daniel Appelquist and Kenneth Rohde Christiansen from W3C’s TAG.

Hello, Reykjavík

First up was the TAG developer meetup – a great opportunity for devs in Reykjavík to meet TAG members, and find out what they’re up to. And vice versa – for TAG members to get feedback from the web developer community about what they should prioritize in the group.


Vivaldi’s Guðmundur Már Gunnarsson (don’t worry, we just call him GMG 😁) was one of the people to give a talk at the meetup. He walked us through a few different ways to navigate webpages like caret browsing, tab navigation (webpage focus), and spatial navigation (which currently has an open W3C TAG design review).

Among other topics were Content Editable, spatial navigation, Semantics, webvtt, and scroll snapping.

Devs talking at the meetup.

Work, work, work  

Following the developer meetup, Vivaldi is currently hosting the W3C TAG face-to-face meeting where the members of the group are working on a host of design reviews across several emerging web technologies, as well as security & privacy, and design guidelines for API developers.

It’s great to have you with us! Thanks for the conversations, the insights, and the fun time!

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