Friday fun: Vivaldi carpool karaoke!

Ari and Tómas from Team Vivaldi share one of their favorite ways to have fun while recharging the Polestar 2.

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Our annual summer retreat in Magnolia has finally drawn to a close, but a few members of the Vivaldi team have stayed behind before heading off to their next destinations. Among them are video producer Ari Greve and Mac developer Tómas Haarde.

One of the unique things about Vivaldi’s skilled team is that most people have passions, skills and talents outside the software world. We all know Ruarí has his unicycle and bike obsession. But did you know that, when not exploring (or rescuing people from) caves, Tarquin is home with his family and their impressive collection of snakes?

Meanwhile Ari is exceptionally knowledgeable (ok, some say mad) about soccer. And, for Tómas it is singing beautifully. With a powerful voice that ranges from rock to opera, he is Vivaldi’s undisputed karaoke champion.

Unfortunately for Ari, it’s not yet possible to stage a soccer match in a car. So, while charging the Polestar 2, Ari and Tómas instead killed some time with a Vivaldi browser karaoke session. Lucky for us, they filmed it (with some stealthy help from Mads K.), so we can share in the fun. 

Vivaldi for Automotive is a full-scale web browser with advanced tab management, streaming ability, online shopping, and top security measures. Along with the Polestar 2, Vivaldi is also available onboard Renault’s next-generation cars – Megane E-Tech Electric, All-New Austral and ​​all future cars with the OpenR Link system. If you’d like to learn more about Vivaldi for Automotive, go here.

And, if you have any requests for future Vivaldi Team karaoke sessions, drop them in the comments below.

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