First Snapshot Vivaldi

Wow! It has been an interesting week. We have gotten so much feedback after our initial launch.
We have worked on fixing some of the worst issues in TP and want to invite you all for testing it 🙂

We are new to the game of offering public “snapshots” or “unstable” builds, so please bear with us while we hope to mature this process.
Our plan is to make a “snapshot” available once a week. These builds may contain regressions so it could be wise to back up your profile before upgrading. We also plan to replace the Technical Preview available on with this build unless any severe regressions are found. So, please let us know if you find any critical issues.

You can report bugs through our bug tracking system here.

Since we are a small team, we are not able to reply to everyone, but we do spend a lot of time reading forums and we try to reply when we can.
We hope you will see many of the features you miss in our future updates.

We don’t currently have auto-update so you will have to download/install this update.

Here is the list of fixes contained in this week’s build.

Fixed a bad performance issue that made Vivaldi slow down on some systems
Added so CTRL+ENTER in urlfield prefills www and .com
Added tab-history to back and forward button, available via longclick (will be tuned more)
Added posibility to reopen closed windows
Fixed so Settings window would not hijack the session
Fixed some horrible shortcut bugs appearing in forms/iframes
Fixed a issue on Linux where everything appeared black

Changelog: Changelog:

*VB-2808 Vivaldi shows up black on Linux
*VB-2794 Delay autoexpand bookmark folders during drag n drop
*VB-2792 Del keybinding not working on Mac
*VB-2791 find in page does not search next on enter
*VB-2788 Keyboard shortcuts always firing within iframe.
*VB-2783 Coloring of the tab bar way too bright with green and yellow favicons
*VB-2770 Tab color flickers in a dark color on selection
*VB-2761 Broken media dialog and location dailog
*Navigate back to startpage shows incorrect url.
*VB-2759 Thumbnail for internal pages disappears after few seconds.
*VB-2738 Flash video does not show
*VB-2725 Regression: Leaving fullscreen mode with F11 fails
*VB-2722 Bookmark modal window appears in the wrong postion
*VB-2717 Keying up/down in bookmark tree is slow
*VB-2632 ontentsettings crashes
*VB-2597 xpand/Collapse all bookmarks menu item
*VB-2500 Speed dial page issue in fullscreen mode
*VB-2447 No task manager in Tools menu
*VB-2307 Session lost because of settings window
*VB-2288 Space should toggle expand/collapse state of folder
*VB-2256 Avoid closing all tabs accidentally in tab stack
*VB-2171 http not injected to urls in Notes
*VB-2157 scrolling bookmarks panel shakes
*VB-2130 Scrolling does not work with scrollbar in urldropdown
*VB-2006 elete bug in notes
*VB-2000 copy to note missing from context-menu when using norwegian language
*VB-1980 Add ability to resize Notes input area
*VB-1967 No screenshot generated in Notes when clicking the frame under ‘New note’
*VB-1923 Cannot select multiple items in bookmarks
*VB-1906 Window with more than one tab is not saved to trash
*VB-1849 Tab resizing by mouse difficult
*VB-1539 Ctrl+Enter should implement (www. adress complete feature)
*VB-1490 Search in settings only find titles
*VB-761 Close button on tab shows up. Risk for inadvertent clicking.

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