Tweaks and improvements – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2305.3

Today’s snapshot includes a number of smaller improvements to Translate and other features.

Download (2305.3)


  • [Bookmarks] Display current folder in bookmark dialog header (VB-79145)
  • [Bookmarks][Settings] Auto-add bookmark cannot be disabled (VB-79203)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 91.0.4472.79
  • [Clock] SVG clock doesn’t work (VB-79877)
  • [Crash] When pressing Ctrl+Shift+Return in Guest Window (VB-79761)
  • [Extensions] Options page isn’t opened from QC if the extension is deactivated (VB-79526)
  • [Keyboard] Single key shortcuts work badly with Google Docs: disabled for now (VB-79062)
  • [Linux][Windows][Settings] Scrollbars do not follow OS (VB-79531)
  • [macOS][Menus] Services menu list disappeared (VB-79426)
  • [Menus] Horizontal menu not highlighting when going to top of screen (VB-79671)
  • [Panels][Crash] after adding chrome-extension:// URL to web panel (VB-79695)
  • [Panels][Notes] Text box goes all the way to the edge (VB-79508)
  • [Quick Commands] Zoom executed in preference to search (VB-78287)
  • [Quick Commands][Translate] Disable Translate Page when language cannot be detected on a page (VB-79537)
  • [Speed Dial] Developer Tools covered by Speed Dial (VB-79551)
  • [Tabs] “Close Tabs to the Left/Right” needs to be adapted to two-level tab bar (VB-78624)
  • [Tabs] Change the colour of active tab in tab cycler (VB-79523)
  • [Tabs] Cloned tab joins deleted tab stack (VB-78797)
  • [Themes][Bookmarks] Dark makes thick line above the editor (VB-79489)
  • [Translate] After translation, the button must be clicked twice to open the dialog (VB-79441)
  • [Translate] Extract SVG text element contents for translation (VB-77924)
  • [Translate] Focus loss after closing translation popup with Esc key (VB-78794)
  • [Translate] Make the options button in the translate popup easier to see (VB-79578)
  • [Translate] Sometimes excessive amount of commas are added instead of restoration of just one command (VB-79536)
  • [Updates] New UI for automatic updates (VB-74086)
  • [Windows] If Desktop background image is missing and used by the browser it fails to start (VB-79408)
  • Site muting does not work properly (VB-79706)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and RSS ongoing Technical Preview

  • [Mail] Mail search does not handle email addresses (VB-79965)
  • [Mail] Mail search shows blank list if search term is too short (VB-79868)
  • [Calendar] Deleting/editing recurring events does not propagate to Vivaldi (VB-72555)
  • [Calendar] Scrolling not possible / large part of Calendar inaccessible (VB-79722)
  • [Calendar] Task not shown in Agenda view (VB-79831)

You can enable the Technical Preview of Mail, Calendar and RSS via “vivaldi://experiments” (you will need to restart the browser after doing so). A separate blog post has more detail on the Vivaldi Mail, Calendar and RSS technical previews.
Main photo by Elena Mozhvilo

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