Thursday evening testing – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3206.28

Today’s snapshot includes more fixes and improvements as we get closer to Vivaldi 6.5.

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Known Issues

We are aware that several of you have crashes on startup. When reporting these, please first open the appropriate folder for your platform (see below) and attach the most recent (by date) file with the extension “.dmp” to your bug reports.

  • Windows: “%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Crashpad\reports” (or under “User Data\Crashpad\reports” from within the install directory for a Standalone Install)
  • macOS: “~/Library/Application Support/Vivaldi Snapshot/Crashpad/pending
  • Linux: “~/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Crash Reports/pending

Some other information we would like to know includes if you have any extensions installed and if yes does running Vivaldi with “--disable-extensions” from the command line help? ¹

Alternatively does temporaily moving or renaming your user data directory to a new location (to simulate starting “clean”) help? The user data directories are found here should you want to move or rename them temporaily:

  • Windows: “%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data” (or under “User Data” from within the install directory for a Standalone Install)
  • macOS: “~/Library/Application Support/Vivaldi Snapshot
  • Linux: “~/.config/vivaldi-snapshot

Or you can use the command line switch “--user-data-dir=” (and point to a different folder of your choosing)

¹ If that does help, please let us know what extensions you usually run. If you cannot remember have a look in your profile directory (usually called “Default” under your user data directory [see above]) and then the “Extensions” subdirectory. Here there will be a list of IDs. Just tell us these IDs, as that will be enough for us to work out which extensions they represent.

Download (3206.28)


  • [Address bar] Nickname items open in a new tab (VB-101990)
  • [Address bar] The ‘best result’ does not pick within first category (VB-101991)
  • [Address bar] The previous ‘best result’ is selected (VB-102125)
  • [Address bar] Disable dropdown when hidden and autocomplete off (VB-102048)
  • [Blocker] Add antiadblock and Fanboy’s annoyance lists (VB-101932)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 120.0.6099.81
  • [Crash] After trying to open a source URL of a resource from the developer tools (VB-102049)
  • [Session Panel] Auto save folder shows expand indicator (VB-102039)
  • [Settings] “User Agent Brand Masking” missing in network settings (VB-102130)
  • [Sync] Prevent any future possibility of syncing of sensitive, unencrypted data (VB-102014)
  • [Tabs] Drag and Drop tab stack requires holding your cursor still (VB-102074)
  • [Tabs] Duplicate Tab Position doesn’t work correctly in Tab Stack (VB-101910)
  • [Tabs] Tab jumps around when dragging and dropping (VB-102037)
  • [Translate] Offer to translate into US English when UI lang is GB (VB-102129)
  • [Windows] Notification helpers entries not removed from registry (VB-101973)
  • [Workspace] Rules are also present in private windows but should not be (VB-100672)
  • [Workspace] Rules do not decouple opened tab from current tab stack (VB-100515)

Main photo by Ed Leszczynskl.