Something for the weekend – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2259.21

No we didn’t forget you. Here is your weekend snapshot with a handful of fixes. 😉

Download (2259.21)


  • [Bookmarks][Speed Dial] Make adding items use less clicks: further fixes (VB-73690)
  • [Crash][Blocker] On certain sites if uBlock Origin installed and the blocking level of the native blocker is changed (VB-78996)
  • [FLoC] Remove various references to it from components: further fixes (VB-78669)
  • [Keyboard][Settings] “New Tab Outside Tab Group” doesn’t respect “Restore Default Keys”: further fixes for other actions (VB-78699)
  • [Menus][Extensions] Hidden items get displayed (VB-78960)
  • [Translate] Minor UI details inside the dialog (VB-79004)
  • [Windows][Installer] 64bit installed over 32bit is not handled well (VB-79028)

You can enable the Technical Preview of Mail, Calendar and RSS via “vivaldi://experiments” (you will need to restart the browser after doing so). A separate blog post has more detail on the Vivaldi Mail, Calendar and RSS technical previews.
Main photo by Eirik Skarstein

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