Small Chromium bump – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3250.4

We have a quick follow up snapshot today, just to get you the latest security fixes from the Chromium team.

Old black keys on a hook with a wooden background

Known Issues

  • Some users are experiencing a crash on startup, while we investigate autoupdates are disabled. If you would like to test anyway, download a build manually via one of the links below.

Download (3250.4)


  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 120.0.6099.270
  • [Crash][Extensions] Clicking the “Review” button (VB-103131)
  • [Linux] Rotate keys in packaging and add 74C35BC8 [KEY10]
  • [Websites] Improve selection of linked text (VB-103301)
  • [Workspaces] Window is not focused when rule is triggered (VB-103352)

Main photo by Silas Köhler.