Reading list panel – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2581.4

In today’s snapshot we add a reading list panel and include a bunch of fixes for the Mail, Calendar and Feeds Beta.

Download (2581.4)


  • [New][Reading List][Panels] Add a Panel (VB-86282)
  • [Address bar] Displays search icon with search disabled (VB-86593)
  • [Address bar] The Internal URL Functionality Broken (VB-86189)
  • [Address bar][Menus] “Copy without parameters” omits the last character (VB-86635)
  • [Blocker] Dialog background size issue on smaller screens (VB-86521)
  • [Crash] Immediately upon startup (VB-85524)
  • [Drag and Drop] From file manager to window does nothing in some cases (VB-2583)
  • [Drag and Drop][Tabs] Drag image doesn’t work anymore (VB-86607)
  • [History] Scroll bar hides numbers in week view (VB-85552)
  • [macOS] Missing white border on top of window (VB-76917)
  • [Reading List][Menus] Add link context menu (VB-86401)
  • [Sync][Notes] Gets into a note re-upload loop (VB-86710)
  • [Themes] Improve contrast for selected data in the tree view (VB-86611)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and Feeds Beta

  • [Calendar] Can not create calendar from dialog (VB-86500)
  • [Calendar] Can not remove event reminder (VB-86377)
  • [Calendar] Color is set as #4c70f0 regardless of pre-assigned color (VB-86354)
  • [Calendar] Events created offline are never synced (VB-80862)
  • [Calendar] Notifications for all day events are not so useful (VB-86225)
  • [Calendar] Simplify default calendar handling (VB-86071)
  • [Calendar] welcome dialog not shown during first run (VB-86595)
  • [Feeds][Keyboard][Commands][Panels] No shortcuts or command (VB-84539)
  • [Mail] “From” name incorrectly displayed when the e-mail is the same but the name differs (VB-75707)
  • [Mail] “Message not found in _listEntries” shows in logs (VB-86365)
  • [Mail] Account root folder shows all messages for all accounts (VB-86337)
  • [Mail] Clicking Other folder takes 10s (VB-86245)
  • [Mail] Create link box looks bad (VB-83310)
  • [Mail] Manual setup of accounts can lead to messages not sent, but put in sent folder (f.x. Fastmail) (VB-86529)
  • [Mail] Selecting folder does not clear search (VB-86180)
  • [Mail] Show/hide archive status should affect the counters (VB-86082)
  • [Mail] panel progress indicators are misleading and sometimes wrong (VB-86501)

Main photo by Christin Hume.