Reader and Tabs improvements – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2345.3

Today’s includes a range of improvements and a minor bump to Chromium.

Known Issues

  • [macOS][Windows] AAC audio not working following Chromium 92 upgrade (VB-81058)
  • Sync temporarily blocked for this version, due to a server incompatibility. If you have used sync before the issue was fixed, it might have created corrupted bookmark or notes entries and you will need to Clear Server Data (using your stable 4.0 install). Affected users will have sync crash when trying to log out and log in again.

Download (2345.3)


  • [Address bar] Field drop down no longer drops down (VB-81079)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 92.0.4515.76
  • [Downloads] “Resume Download” icon should be Play ▶️ not Pause ⏸️ (VB-78229)
  • [History] Deleted items are not removed from list (VB-81048)
  • [Keyboard] Shortcuts executed in popup execute in main window instead (VB-80715)
  • [Quick Commands] ESC closes instead of clearing input (VB-80084)
  • [Reader] Display expected Read Time (VB-81069)
  • [Reader] Update external library (VB-81130)
  • [Reader][Start page] View button unnecessarily available (VB-78671)
  • [Reader][Themes] Style button invisible in certain themes (VB-81136)
  • [Settings] Search can break (VB-76005)
  • [Start page] Video conferences appearing as background when a new tab is open (VB-81002)
  • [Sync][Notes] Broken since Chromium 92 intake (VB-81194)
  • [Tabs] Cancelling tab dragging makes tab activate title bar dragging (VB-80787)
  • [Tabs][Performance] Creating new tabs takes too long: minor improvement (VB-81059)
  • [Tabs] Vertical tabs scroll up when I switch to fullscreen and back to normal (VB-33963)
  • [Update][Windows] Use scheduler for system installs (VB-80999)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and RSS Beta

  • [Calendar] Creating timed task fails for non UTC timezones (VB-81146)
  • [Mail] New contacts in received mails (from/to/cc) make contact filters that are set to HIGH priority (VB-81211)

Main photo by Thought Catalog