More address field configuration possiblities – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3160.25

In today’s snapshot we have a bunch of fixes across the board and allow for further changes to the address field drop down.

Download (3160.25)


  • [Address Bar][Settings] Be able to order and show/hide all categories (VB-99661)
  • [Calendar] Add default event templates (VB-100488)
  • [Calendar] Add missing recurrence for birthday template (VB-100534)
  • [Calendar] Can not correctly set reminder for all day template (VB-100513)
  • [Calendar] Changing time in an entry in the panel, changes active pages zoom (VB-100459)
  • [Calendar] Deleted event is resurrected (VB-100540)
  • [Calendar] Issues editing template time (VB-100522)
  • [Calendar] Template does not remove default reminder (VB-100387)
  • [Calendar] Use the email recipient address when accepting event invites (VB-97343)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 118.0.5993.75
  • [Crash][Bookmarks] Adding Bookmarks (VB-99299)
  • [Direct Match] Outline of badges are doubled (VB-100437)
  • [Direct Match] The size of the badge and texts in the search field shrink when highlighted (VB-100441)
  • [Direct Match] The text in the badge needs to be capitalised (VB-100438)
  • [Direct Match][Address Bar] Implement in address field (VB-100497)
  • [Direct Match][Address Bar][Search Field] items grow bigger when highlight (VB-100496)
  • [macOS] Menu doesn’t change to “Hide Bookmarks Bar” (VB-91622)
  • [macOS] Update Sparkle library to 2.5.0 (VB-100434)
  • [Mail] Connected to account message lingers in status bar (VB-100485)
  • [Mail] Do not try to fetch message twice on re-gaining network access (VB-100462)
  • [Mail] IMAP accounts do not always reconnect after regaining network access (VB-100514)
  • [Mail] Panel does not indicate lack of network connection on startup (VB-100379)
  • [Mail] Pops up new oAuth dialog few seconds after you close it (VB-97413)
  • [Mail] multipart/mixed with html does not link to attached resources (VB-87381)
  • [Mail][Regression] Show Feeds in Received does nothing (VB-99359)
  • [Menu][Settings] Button in Native Window mode is not aligned when window size is maxed (VB-100474)
  • [Popout Video] Volume controller in pip window appears over buttons (VB-99400)
  • [Popout Video] Volume slider doesn’t show initially (VB-100656)
  • [Search] Add a “Thank You!” state if switch back from Google (VB-100267)
  • [Search] Set Startpage as default search for Private window in some countries (VB-100368)
  • [Search][Address Bar][Search Field] There are no Yandex/Ecosia search engine icons (VB-94181)
  • [Settings] When “User Native Windows” is checked the Windows Title and Windows Control Buttons become duplicated (VB-91670)
  • [Sync] Account setup form rejects email from domain as invalid (VB-100453)
  • [Tabs] Visual tab cycler horizontally misaligned (VB-100674)
  • [Website Compatibility] navigator.clipboard.write access broken (VB-100430)

Main photo by Ian Dooley.