Minor update (2) for Vivaldi Desktop Browser 5.6

This update includes security fixes from the Chromium project and numerous improvements to our address field.

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The following improvements were made since the first 5.6 minor update:

  • [Address bar] Auto-complete is preferring long URLs to domains (VB-92493)
  • [Address bar] Redirect added to typed history (VB-92611)
  • [Address bar] URL with anchor link hides slash after domain name: further fix (VB-93219)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 108.0.5359.129
  • [Crash] Following non-native notifications, after download or other events (VB-93317)
  • [Panels] Keyboard shortcuts for web panel action the wrong panel (VB-93538)
  • [Privacy] Cookies in private windows can get saved (VB-93721)
  • [Speed Dial] Updated thumbnail for Vivaldi Social
  • [Translator][Toolbar] Bottom translator popup unreachable (VB-93670)

Main photo by Paweł Pawlak.

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