Minor update (4) for Vivaldi Desktop Browser 6.6

This update includes a range of crash fixes and also some security fixes from Chromium upstream.

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The following improvements were made since the third 6.6 minor update:

  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 122.0.6261.150
  • [Crash logging] Crashes aren’t submitted after opting-in to sharing crash dumps (VB-105001)
  • [Crash] Following link from Google results: follow up fix (VB-104297)
  • [Crash] On navigating backwards in history (VB-103629)
  • [Crash] Trying to load vivaldi://topics-internals (VB-103045)
  • [Crash] Using certain extensions that use the side-panel API (VB-105142)
  • [Tabs] Can no longer drap and drop text across tiled tabs (VB-102564)

Main photo by Ансплэш Степана.

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