Minor update (4) for Vivaldi Desktop Browser 6.2

This update includes various important fixes for Vivaldi 6.2.

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The following improvements were made since the third 6.2 minor update:

  • [Crash] Hang on startup leaving the window with the grey background (VB-99982)
  • [Crash][Tabs] When opening and closing quickly (VB-97724)
  • [Feeds] Detect feeds dynamically on YouTube (VB-93235)
  • [Mail] Detect leading “<html” root signature in text/plain as text/html (VB-98336)
  • [Mail] First account doesn’t fetch messages initially (VB-99838)
  • [Mail] Ignore whitespace-only subparts of multipart messages (VB-98336)
  • [Panels] Auto-closing floated panel close button (VB-99169)
  • [macOS][Media] 1-pixel white line in full-screen videos (VB-99645)

Main photo by Kenny Eliason.

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