Minor update (4) for Vivaldi Desktop Browser 5.4

This update fixes several Mail/Calendar/Feeds issues and resolves a problem with private windows.

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The following improvements were made since the third 5.4 minor update:

  • [Calendar] Cannot open .ics file directly (VB-91078)
  • [Dev Tools] Color picker pipette fails (VB-90728)
  • [Feeds] No message found if travelling between time-zones (VB-90171)
  • [Languages] sr-Latn choice of UI language was converted to sr [Cyrillic] (VB-80833)
  • [Linux][Media][Arm] Problems playing proprietary media for new users (VB-91211)
  • [Mail] All mail can be permanently deleted with a single key stroke (VB-91143)
  • [Mail] Signature disappears when switching between accounts, with signature on top (VB-90908)
  • [Mail][Notes] Editing link in composer doesn’t work (VB-89143)
  • [Panels] Cannot type characters using dead keys into the reading list (VB-90974)
  • [Window management] Can not close private window intro tab (VB-90896)

Main photo by Jason D.

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