Minor update for Vivaldi Desktop Browser 6.4

This update contains fixes for two common crashes, along with security fixes from the Chromium project.

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The following improvements were made since the initial 6.4 stable release:

  • [Bookmarks] Certain pages will not be bookmarked by any means (VB-101081)
  • [Bookmarks] Add Vivaldia 2 to the Speed Dial (VB-100731)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 118.0.5993.129
  • [Crash] Browser crashes randomly repeatable on various web pages (VB-96915)
  • [Crash] When trying to open Paypal window or something similar (VB-101025)
  • [Tabs] New tabs opened as a tab stack with a shift-click do not gain focus (VB-99916)
  • [UI] The Finnish language no longer works after the update (VB-101051)

Main photo by Casey Horner.

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