Minor update (3) for Vivaldi Desktop Browser 4.1

This update includes security fixes from the Chromium project and updates the Calendar, Mail and Feeds Beta.

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The following improvements were made since the second 4.1 stable, minor update:

  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 92.0.4515.159
  • [Calendar Beta] CalDAV iCal Location is not synched (VB-82101)
  • [Calendar Beta] Changing event calendar does not update events on server (VB-82030)
  • [Calendar Beta] Creating a task will move view to January 1970 (VB-82132)
  • [Mail Beta] Import IMAP from Opera M2 does not add custom IMAP folders (VB-81691)
  • [Mail Beta] Import from M2 does not add filters for accounts (VB-82091)
  • [Mail Beta] Import from M2 pop has errors in console (VB-82155)
  • [Mail Beta] Imported Unknown Folder (VB-81273)
  • [Mail Beta] Search with keywords (from:, subject:) is broken (VB-59230)
  • [Mail Beta] Sent emails with inline images are not rendered correctly in Outlook 2013 (VB-82010)
  • [Mail Beta] Signature not retaining formatting (line-break) when replying to an HTML email (VB-77299)
  • [Mail Beta] Some imported Opera M2 NNTP messages get their own folder (VB-80549)
  • [Mail Beta] Subscribe and unsubscribe affected by selected folder when right-clicking another folder (VB-81726)
  • [Mail Beta] Treat sender as mailing list works only after manually rerunning the filter (VB-80285)
  • [Mail Beta] Draft message goes into Unknown imported folder (VB-81343)
  • [Mail Beta] When importing POP accounts, messages without any folder name should be inbox (VB-81348)

Main photo by Liam Truong

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