Menu fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2218.29

In this snapshot we have more stablization work with a focus on configurable menus.

Download (2218.29)


  • [Menus] Go to is not properly set up for form fields (VB-77684)
  • [Menus] Remove duplicate actions for some menu types (VB-77793)
  • [Menus][Panels][Periodic reload] Menu reloads active tab (VB-77680)
  • [Quick commands] Trigger search instead of command (VB-77751)
  • [Tabs][Settings] “Show Popup Thumbnails” should control thumbnail visiblity while dragging (VB-77787)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and RSS ongoing Technical Preview

  • [RSS][Panels] Panel should not be visible with experiment off (VB-18767)

You can enable the Technical Preview of Mail, Calendar and RSS via “vivaldi://experiments” (you will need to restart the browser after doing so). A separate blog post has more detail on the Vivaldi Mail, Calendar and RSS technical previews.
Main photo by Falco Negenman