Mail improvements – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2770.3

Today’s snapshot includes several nice Mail improvements, such as making it easier to setup new mail accounts, showing nested replies more clearly and adding a link keyboard shortcut.

In addition to the mail changes, we also have a couple of fixes that will likely be back-ported to the current stable.

Download (2770.3)


  • [New][Mail] Use MX record for detection of mail server hostname (VB-43329)
  • [New][Mail] Show different color for indented text in longer mail thread (VB-58432)
  • [New][Mail][Keyboard] Add Crtl+k shortcut to add a link to highlighted text (VB-59321)
  • [Address bar] Entering nickname in URL Field opens it in a new tab (VB-90867)
  • [Address bar] When adding a bookmark the popup moves (VB-90567)
  • [Calendar] Connecting an iCloud account detects hidden calendars (VB-90409)
  • [Calendar] Event rendering performance improvements (VB-90933)
  • [Calendar] Invites on Dark themes have poor contrast (VB-82618)
  • [Calendar] Switching tab with editor open clears title field (VB-90955)
  • [Calendar] Text gets always pasted in title when it’s empty (VB-90023)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 104.0.5112.105
  • [Crash] When opening new private window (VB-90970)
  • [Dev Tools] Color picker pipette fails in Developer Tools (VB-90728)
  • [Feeds] Subscribe to Bikeradar feeds does not work (VB-90435)
  • [macOS] Double-clicking window edge minimizes the window so much that the window becomes unclickable (VB-90981)
  • [Mail] Date field not translated when forwarding e-mail (VB-89167)
  • [Mail] Import from Thunderbird stops on 2nd account (VB-90803)
  • [Mail] Incorrect background color for “Add your first account” dialog (VB-91077)
  • [Mail] Signature disappears when switching between accounts, with signature on top (VB-90908)
  • [Mail][Menus] Disable copy link to highlight in mail and feeds (VB-90885)
  • [Mail][Welcome] Buttons should wrap when there is no space available (VB-91081)
  • [Menus] “Copy without parameters” item is invisible in the menu editor (VB-90986)
  • [Menus] Wrong Menu Shortcut Indicator after renaming a command (VB-90968)
  • [Panels] Cannot type characters using dead keys into the reading list (VB-90974)
  • [Panels] Dragging a web panel into the default panel section duplicates it (VB-90930)
  • [Panels] Unmute Panel tooltip says “Unmute tab audio” (VB-90869)
  • [Window management] Can not close private window intro tab (VB-90896)
  • [Windows][Crash][Media] WhatsApp web tab (VB-90720)

Main photo by Aaron Burden