Mail and Calendar improvements and a minor Chromium bump – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2658.3

Today’s snapshot various mail and calendar fixes and a small Chromium with security fixes.

Download (2658.3)


  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 100.0.4896.147
  • [Command] Search with command chain doesn’t work (VB-87629)
  • [Drag and drop] Dragging same tab between windows breaks (VB-88738)
  • [Notes] Blank icons (VB-88759)
  • [Popout Video] Save PIP window size and position (VB-64763)
  • [Search Engine] Add Qwant for Canada (VB-88111)
  • [Start Page] Search engine change affects tracker/blocker position (VB-88815)
  • [Tabs] Close right/left tab inconsistent behaviour (VB-85031)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and Feeds Beta

  • [Calendar] Can not delete 0 in “Repeat # times” input field (VB-88724)
  • [Calendar] Duplicate notification (VB-88248)
  • [Mail] Add filtering action: Mark as spam (VB-88839)
  • [Mail] Cannot create IMAP folder with non-ASCII characters (VB-88757)
  • [Mail] Name and signature popup close button does not work (VB-88639)
  • [Mail] Searches can no longer be saved (VB-87675)
  • [Mail] Status bar popup overflows with long words (VB-87793)
  • [Mail] Can not edit name of filter action (VB-88841)
  • [Mail] Fallback to HTML for rendering method (VB-86967)
  • [Mail][User Agent] Set Mailer user agent to 1.0 (VB-1767)

Main photo by Eric Rothermel.