Jump to Chromium 124 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3327.3

Today’s snapshot moves Chromium up to version 124.

This snapshot continues the Invisv Privacy Guard trial. Please continue to talk or ask about that should you wish to.

Additionally we are remain interested in your comments with regard to address field performance, though the worst issue with getting stuck should now be resolved.

Known Issues

  • Menu and dialog styling is inherited from Chromium 124: You can disable this flag for now to keep the old look chrome://flags/#customize-chrome-side-panel

Download (3327.3)


  • [Address bar] Suggestions get stuck and activates even after quickly entering more text (VB-105061)
  • [Address bar] Improve drop down performance (VB-105358)
  • [Blocker] Invalid blocked notifications (VB-105472)
  • [Calendar] Tries to create event on server when updating (VB-105511)
  • [Calendar] Use mouse scroll to navigate previous/next period (VB-79382)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 124.0.6367.35
  • [Extensions][Panels] Chrome.sidePanel.open() api call is ignored (VB-105176)
  • [Extensions][Panels] Close and remove side panel properly after uninstall (VB-104762)
  • [Feeds] The user should be prompted when deleting a feed (VB-87440)
  • [macOS] Use LZMA compression in .dmg packages for a smaller initial download (VB-105498)
  • [Menus] “Close Tabs to the Right” not always showing up (VB-105436)
  • [Menus] Show Address Bar missing from View Menu (VB-67296)
  • [Privacy Guard] amd64 proxy binary installed with arm packages (VB-105364)
  • [Settings] Extend cookie item to show partition key info (VB-104438)
  • [Tabs] When the tab bar is on the left or right, the new tab button isn’t fixed (VB-17646)
  • [Themes] ‘Accent from page’ setting overrides background blur in vertical tab bar (VB-101022)
  • [Workspaces] Switch using the mouse wheel (VB-105494)

Main photo by James Wainscoat.