Improvements to Command Chains and fixes to Accordion Tab Stacks – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2358.15

This snapshot contains changes to the signature features for the upcoming 4.1 release.

Download (2358.15)


  • [Chains] Create a command to select the current tab (VB-81497)
  • [Chains] Display min/max/default value (VB-81452)
  • [Chains] Hibernate Other Tabs (VB-81504)
  • [Chains][Keyboard] Cloned chains in the middle of the list doesn’t work with shortcuts (VB-81494)
  • [Keyboard] “Apple Events” keyboard shortcut should only be visible on macOS (VB-81514)
  • [Media][Windows] Video does not play on (VB-72037)
  • [Popout Video] Picture-in-picture back to tab button does not work as intended (VB-65734)
  • [Tabs] Accordion style update (VB-41386)
  • [Tabs] Fix glitches in dragging and dropping accordion tabs
  • [Tabs] Stacked tab can move the whole tab stack to right or left instead of just the tab itself (VB-81249)

Main photo by Aaron Burden