Improved onboarding / Mail, Calendar and RSS move towards a Beta release – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2312.3

Today’s snapshot changes our welcome page to offer different default setups. Additionally we have improved the initial account creation for Mail, Calendar and RSS users, as these features move on from Technical Preview, towards Beta status, with the upcoming release.

Known Issues

  • [macOS] Crash on checking for updates if no new version is released: checks happen once every 24 hours

Download (2312.3)


  • [New] Onboarding Welcome step redesign (VB-73259)
  • [New] Change the behaviour for suggesting making the browser the default (VB-74506)
  • [Address bar] Dialog styling is broken (VB-80022)
  • [Address bar] The welcome page URL is sometimes left in the URL field on new profile (VB-79974)
  • [Bookmarks] Webpage can’t be saved to bookmark if the last used bookmark folder is deleted (VB-80073)
  • [Bookmarks][Panel][Menus] All Open Pages menu does not work (VB-79952)
  • [Clock] Analog clock in clock popup is not correct (VB-79996)
  • [Crash] Vivaldi don’t open (VB-79898)
  • [Linux][Regression] Bookmarks/folders copy, cut & paste doesn’t work (VB-79879)
  • [Tabs] Opening a link in a new (foreground) tab from tiled tab doesn’t work (VB-74417)
  • [Tabs] Opening a link in a tiled view causes the new tab to be tiled (VB-73965)
  • [Tabs] Wrong tab position used at startup (VB-80083)
  • [Themes] New dark/light background images for 4.0 (VB-80025)
  • [Translate] Dialog cut off if search field not shown (VB-79970)
  • [Translate] Limited support for <ruby> and related tags (VB-80080)
  • [Translate] Speed optimization (VB-79886)
  • [Translate][Address bar] Correctly position translate when at the bottom (VB-80150)
  • [UI][Regression] vivaldi://about doesn’t show profile path, exe path, license information, OS version info (VB-79651)
  • [macOS] Choosing to restart after update only shuts it down (VB-80008)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and RSS Beta

  • [New][Calendar] Onboarding process / first run experience (VB-68848)
  • [New][Mail] Onboarding process / first run experience (VB-7273)
  • [Calendar] Deleting/editing recurring events does not propagate to Vivaldi (VB-72555)
  • [Calendar] Dialog mode in day view cut by panel (VB-79806)
  • [Calendar] Divider lines in multi-week and month view disappear after “fold” (VB-80131)
  • [Calendar] Improved handling of setting up and deleting of accounts (VB-80024)
  • [Calendar] No default value when creating event notifications (VB-75337)
  • [Mail] Fixed errors related to unsubscribing a folder (VB-79460)
  • [Mail] New default signature (VB-80036)
  • [Mail] Search does not indicate that it is searching (VB-79967)
  • [Mail][Keyboard] Shortcut settings for are gone (VB-79013)
  • [Mail][Panel] Not possible to edit a contact when Contacts panel is hidden (VB-80037)
  • [RSS] Fixed broken CNN feeds (VB-80160)

You can enable the Technical Preview of Mail, Calendar and RSS via “vivaldi://experiments” (you will need to restart the browser after doing so). A separate blog post has more detail on the Vivaldi Mail, Calendar and RSS technical previews.
Main photo by Elena Mozhvilo