Evening snapshot – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2881.6

Today’s snapshot has a range of address field fixes, panels fixes and a minor Chromium bump.

Download (2881.6)


  • [Address bar] Auto-complete is preferring long URLs to domains (VB-92493)
  • [Address bar] Redirect added to typed history (VB-92611)
  • [Address bar] URL with anchor link hides slash after domain name: further fix (VB-93219)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 108.0.5359.129
  • [Crash] Crash when downloading PDF (VB-93317)
  • [Panels] Buttons can display the wrong badge (VB-93543)
  • [Panels] Increase default Panel width (VB-93713)
  • [Panels] Keyboard shortcuts for web panel action the wrong panel (VB-93538)
  • [Panels][Web Panels] Trying to remove a web panel removes the one above in public builds (VB-93586)
  • [Privacy] Cookies in private windows can get saved (VB-93721)
  • [Search] Allow you.com to recognise Vivaldi via the user agent, like other search engines, to help with customisation options (VB-93565)
  • [Search] New search engines not offered for updating users: You and Neeva (VB-93546)
  • [Spatial navigation] Doesn’t handle clickable elements assigned with addEventListener (VB-6188)
  • [Speed Dial] Updated thumbnail for Vivaldi Social
  • [Themes] Background Resets after Reboot (VB-85062)
  • [Translator][Toolbar] Bottom translator popup unreachable (VB-93670)
  • [Windows] Desktop shortcut pinned to taskbar creates duplicate taskbar icon (VB-73720)
  • [Windows][Installer] Default focused button should be “Accept and update” or “Install” (VB-93428)

Main photo by Einar Storsul