Catch up on fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2936.3

Today’s build is our first post 5.7 snapshot, and brings with it a bunch of fixes that just missed the boat on making it to the (initial) 5.7 release.

Some of these fixes will be selected and included in a future minor update to Vivaldi 5.7 on the stable channel.

Download (2936.3)


  • [Address bar] Cannot backspace in URL bar while holding shift (VB-90620)
  • [Address bar] Cannot hide address field with escape unless the input is focused (VB-67300)
  • [Address bar] No autocompletion when writing URL path (VB-94953)
  • [Address bar] Wrong item when going back to first item (VB-94960)
  • [Calendar] Broken VTIMEZONE data, and some more small issues (VB-95260)
  • [Calendar] Dialog editor input element context menu limited (VB-94496)
  • [Calendar] Editing a long event shifts view away from editor (VB-95280)
  • [Calendar] Long recurring events do not show in view if start day is not visible (VB-95262)
  • [Calendar] Setup, space character before “visit our help pages” link (VB-95162)
  • [Calendar][Panels] Tasks panel event icons overlap title (VB-93856)
  • [Calendar][CalDAV] Make sure calendar data is not re-loaded to often from db (VB-94988)
  • [Commands] Add a command for default page zoom (VB-95031)
  • [Extensions] Badge is not updated between windows (VB-83875)
  • [Keyboard][Speed dial] Keyboard movement in speed dial on a subfolder no longer works (VB-82549)
  • [macOS] Window does not restore to fullscreen after restart (VB-92099)
  • [macOS][Menus] Show UI toggle in menu doesn’t update menu state (VB-94067)
  • [Mail] Hide the Reply-To address when it matches the From address (VB-95135)
  • [Mail] Only warn on From/Reply-To mismatches cross origins (VB-95118)
  • [Quick Commands] Enabling both “Keep last entered value” and “open on nickname match” makes QC otherwise unusable (VB-94987)
  • [Search] Esc hides search field popup if the text is unconfirmed (VB-92708)
  • [Settings] Add a Setting to “Disable Title Bar”: needs further work (VB-51942)
  • [Settings] Add option to reset all toolbars (VB-94541)
  • [Settings] Start Page settings scrollbar doesn’t respect the “Use Simple Scrollbars” (VB-94791)
  • [Speed dial] Settings height doesn’t match the view (VB-95131)
  • [Tabs] Close tab does not focus next tab at right but 2nd next (VB-93784)
  • [Tabs] Do not change active tab when tabs from closed window are moved (VB-94749)
  • [Tabs][Keyboard] Recently Used does not cycle over all tabs (VB-95229)
  • [Themes] Setting PNG as background as repeating image doesn’t work (VB-78506)
  • [Toolbar] Artifacts in Extensions and Zoom control buttons (VB-95125)
  • [UI] The sharing dialog should say Vivaldi and not the ext-id (VB-94741)
  • [Web Specs] Vivaldi ignores CSS media display-mode fullscreen and has broken JS MediaList API (VB-94106)
  • [Windows] Menu and window controls misaligned (VB-95112)
  • [Windows][Install] Add Vivaldi to Windows taskbar on install: needs further work (VB-94698)

Main photo by Jimmy Ofisia