Catch up to the latest fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3222.3

Now that 6.5 is out the door, today’s snapshot brings you up to date with all the other fixes we have done on our main branch in the mean time.

Download (3222.3)


  • [Address bar] Is selecting a different item for each key press (VB-102250)
  • [Address bar] Still searching items when dropdown disabled (VB-102335)
  • [Address bar][Settings] Moving any section above “Search / Go to” breaks the ability to manually type a site (VB-102246)
  • [Blocker] Encourage better web compatibility reports by pre-filling parts of the bug report form (VB-102012)
  • [Blocker] If a new user selects No Blocking, do not show Privacy Stats (VB-102233)
  • [Blocker] Source import dialog has an old icon (VB-102243)
  • [Blocker] Various dialog improvements (VB-102045)
  • [Break Mode] It should not be possible to interact with other UI elements (VB-71039)
  • [Calendar] Can’t drag events and tasks to event packed days in multi-week and month view (VB-102235)
  • [Calendar] Server error during sync can cause re-fetching of events (VB-102251)
  • [Calendar] Syncing recurring event with cancellation and change causes duplication (VB-102232)
  • [Commands] Expose selection/link to Chains through menus (VB-102188)
  • [Crash] “Bookmark page” unable to retrieve data (VB-86043)
  • [Extensions] Toolbar button toggles popup dialog instead of closing it (VB-102373)
  • [Extensions][Crash] Glimpse extension causes crash: implement SidePanelApi (VB-101802)
  • [Feeds][Address Bar] Remove feed discovery submenu: always preview feeds (VB-102316)
  • [Mail] Always run system tasks from background service worker (VB-102205)
  • [Mail] Does not support List-Post header when replying to mail (VB-91488)
  • [Mail] Double clicking an attachment downloads it twice (VB-98604)
  • [Mail] Imported file does not add body to search db (VB-101514)
  • [Mail] Mark mail as read has wrong tooltip (VB-95789)
  • [Mail] Migrate search data to new database: takes time, see status bar for progress (VB-101538)
  • [Mail] Thread expand/collapse arrow shrinks when resizing column (VB-102209)
  • [Mail] Upgrade to contentless search database v2 (VB-98844)
  • [Mail][Themes] Compose mail window out of focus looks like a big block in the field (VB-96369)
  • [Notes] A note cannot be copied including its URL (VB-100244)
  • [Panels] Unable to Resize Floating Panels (VB-102069)
  • [Sessions][Panels] Internal pages are not displayed correctly when exploring a session (VB-96743)
  • [Sessions][Panels] Saved sessions always list the number of workspaces (VB-98743)
  • [Sessions][Panels] Window/Workspace root level reports wrong number of tabs (VB-98745)
  • [Sessions][Panels] Workspaces lack an icon (VB-97358)
  • [Sessions][Panels] Workspaces not listed in correct order (VB-102430)
  • [Settings] Website Appearance, dark/light preference for website content (VB-92805)
  • [Settings][New] Automatic crash collection and submission: privacy policy (VB-98193)
  • [Tabs] Drag and drop incorrectly groups tabs (VB-102215)
  • [Tabs] Make tab drag image scale by dpi and ui zoom (VB-102066)
  • [Tabs][Settings] Zoom per tab is broken: follow up fix (VB-100673)
  • [Tabs][Thumbnails] Popup thumbnails don’t show internal page favicons (VB-74391)
  • [Themes][Settings] ‘Prefer System Color’ setting does not work (VB-102288)
  • [Translate] Not available in the address bar on some sites that should be recognised (VB-101951)
  • [Windows] Button layout mismatch on Win11 (VB-82581)
  • [Workspaces] Indicate in the workspace switcher when all tabs in a workspace are hibernating (VB-96109)

Main photo by Michael Jin.