Calendar/Task fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2805.21

Today’s snapshot includes more fixes related to the Calendar/Tasks feature.

Download (2805.21)


  • [Address bar] Address Bar stops showing entries (VB-91602)
  • [Address bar] Display typed text instead of title for typed history items (VB-91914)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Add empty state for tasks panel (VB-91943)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Cannot easily create a task from main Calendar/Agenda (VB-91950)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Do not show participants in task editor (VB-91929)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Support tasks when creating local calendar (VB-91930)
  • [Calendar] Use highlight color on current day (VB-91967)
  • [Mail] Gap between unseen and unread counter labels (VB-91805)
  • [Mail] Thunderbird import doesn’t create raw files for duplicates (VB-91807)
  • [Panels] Web panels lack border (VB-91966)
  • [Settings][Privacy] Change default for new setting “Hyperlink Audit Tracking”: because of potential for problems

Main photo by Thomas Bormans