Blobby – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2921.3

Today’s snapshot fixes the blobURLs problem from the last snapshot.

A jelly fish with a deep blue background

Download (2921.3)


  • [Address Bar] Remove the prioritization of search queries in the typed history (VB-94922)
  • [Calendar] Add Accept header to CalDAV requests (VB-94911)
  • [Calendar] Timeless tasks created with invalid timezone data (VB-94637)
  • [Mail] Labels color does not change In non-English UI (VB-94848)
  • [Mail] prefetching stalls (VB-94579)
  • [Media] Workaround for issues with blobURLs: further fix likely in the future (VB-94908)
  • [Panels] Close button is misaligned (VB-94919)
  • [Panels]Extension popup inaccessible when placed in Panel (VB-94622)
  • [Windows][Installer] Install should be prevented on systems older than Windows 10 (VB-94821)

Main photo by Will Drzycimski