A little catch up – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2839.3

Today’s snapshot brings you a step closer to what we are working on. We wanted to give you one last build before the jump to Chromium 108.

Download (2839.3)


  • [Address bar] Don’t clean suggestion results when disabling suggestions (VB-92550)
  • [Address bar] Dropdown can lose selected item (VB-92616)
  • [Address bar] Frequently visited sites appear even when the option is disabled (VB-92393)
  • [Blocker] Dialog fails on thingiverse.com (VB-92637)
  • [Bookmarks] Replace Yelp thumbnail for US (VB-92541)
  • [Calendar] Calendar pop-up misplaced (VB-92309)
  • [Calendar] Editing task time is broken (VB-91954)
  • [Calendar] Event jumps around when date is changed (VB-92713)
  • [Calendar] Server error on sync moves item to another calendar (VB-92528)
  • [Calendar] Show supported calendar components in settings (VB-92685)
  • [Calendar] When creating a new event, editing is very slow (VB-92648)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] “No tasks found” instead of “Your task list is empty” when you have no task (VB-92675)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Can not add task in task panel (VB-92741)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Task synced without due time set to 1969 (VB-92361)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 106.0.5249.169
  • [Contacts] Cannot add contacts (manually) if you have no contacts (VB-92554)
  • [Mail] Add setting for if to auto-generate contacts or not (VB-91186)
  • [Mail] Disable OAuth for Pop3 (Pop3 with OAuth won’t download email) (VB-91669)
  • [Mail] Empty line after salutation disappears (VB-89181)
  • [Settings][Search] Misaligned default Search Engline select dropdown (VB-92645)
  • [Site compability] Change how link selection works so that it does not cause site compability issues (VB-85651)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Can’t open some WordPress menus (VB-66327)
  • [Tabs] Pinned tab stacks are not listed in the window menu (VB-92558)

Main photo by Damian Patkowski