4.2 will arrive soon – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2406.21

In today’s snapshot we move forwards with stabilization work for 4.2.

Download (2406.21)


  • [Bookmarks] Make all bookmarklet icons look the same (VB-82589)
  • [Chains] Periodic Reload only works at 60 seconds (VB-81363)
  • [Chains][Settings] Does not appear in Quick Actions, unless “Bookmarks” is checked in ‘Quick Commands > Search Types and Priority’ (VB-81869)
  • [Chains][Settings] Use Label as Tooltip (VB-81559)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 93.0.4577.69
  • [Crash] When opening links from private window popup (VB-82142)
  • [Crash] When wheel-clicking quoted tweets (VB-77203)
  • [Keyboard] “Go to Parent Directory” has wrongly an empty string by default
  • [Linux][Media] Proprietary media will not work ‘out of the box’ for some users (VB-82689)
  • [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 93.0.4577.58
  • [QR] code dialog opens only once (VB-82573)
  • [Settings] Rename ‘home’ to ‘homepage’ under ‘Keyboard > Page’ (VB-81710)
  • [Settings] “Minimize All” does not work on all windows (VB-82486)
  • [Translate] Adapt the theme colors used in the UI also for the overlay (VB-82593)
  • [Translate] Update styling to support dark/light OS theme (VB-82457)
  • [macOS] Ignore temporary connectivity issues for upgrade notification (VB-82264)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and RSS Beta

  • [Calendar] CalDAV invalid sync token or out of sync (VB-82591)
  • [Calendar] Setting up CalDAV iCloud account hangs (VB-82615)
  • [Mail] Saved filters fail to filter from: and to: correctly (VB-82676)

Main photo by Fallon Michael