Snapshot 1.3.501.6 – Customizable UI themes

Today we are excited to open up a major new avenue for customization, by letting you make your own themes and completely change the appearance of Vivaldi.


New users will find a set of themes to choose from on the Welcome page, old users should have a look in the new Themes Settings section.

By taking programmatic control of the colors we can manipulate how they contrast during runtime. If you are visually impaired, or like me occasionally work in poor lighting conditions, enforcing minimum contrast can make Vivaldi more comfortable to use. That can also be found in the Themes section.

Other Notable Changes

  • Page color is now cached more aggressively, which should lead to less flicker when navigating on the same domain
  • Unified design of Start Page Background Image, Theme Previews and Welcome page items
  • The keyboard shortcut for toggling UI color is repurposed to select “Next Theme”
  • Added setting to not fade out-of-focus windows
  • Added per-theme setting to control UI corner rounding
  • Select settings moved into each theme:
    • Accent Color from Active Page
    • Accent Color on Window
    • Transparent Tabs


Theme editing

Creation Tips

As my colleague Atle keeps chanting “With great power comes great responsibility”. Creating a tasteful workhorse theme can take some practice. A good way to get started is to use our Light or Dark theme as a base, then add color to taste. Being conservative with the background and foreground colors is a good idea, and then you’re allowed to go all out for the highlight and accent colors.

Please share screenshots of your creations! 🙂

First Step

Keep in mind that we are not done with interface customization—we are just getting started. As with any baby step there is a bit of risk. Our entire design has been rewritten to support CSS variables, and with that there is quite a big regression risk. Your help in finding visual defects is especially appreciated this time.

Download (1.3.501.6)


  • Add support for customisable UI themes (VB-12726)
  • [Extensions] Join Chrome by crashes Vivaldi upon installation (VB-18010)
  • [Keyboard] Make Alt[+Shift]+Enter work in searchfield
  • [Keyboard] Ctrl+Shift+P only works in print preview (VB-3765)
  • [Keyboard] Ctrl+Shift+V (Paste and Go) doesn’t work in search field (VB-5650)
  • [Linux] Certificate details fall of screen if URL bar is at the bottom (VB-15464)
  • [Mac] Unable to use keyboard symbols on keyboard cheat sheet search (VB-7635)
  • [Mac][Spatial Navigation] ⌘+Enter does not open a link in a new background tab page (VB-14865)
  • [Regression] Focus on URL when restoring the window is lost (VB-13336)
  • [URL] Ctrl+Enter autocomplete fails with addresses with hyphens or dots (VB-13114)
  • [URL] Wrong decoding and encoding when editing in the URL bar (VB-18021)
  • [URL] Delete key doesn’t delete the end of the URL in address bar when typing (VB-18126)
  • [URL] Missed protocol when copy links with port number from the address field (VB-14281)
  • Page zoom prevents viewing full image (VB-4581)
  • Insert Note into editable fields (VB-7411)