User story: Meet Yoditar, Vivaldi Ambassador

In this user story we are getting to know Yoditar, an active Vivaldi Ambassador from Venezuela, a little better. Enjoy!

Who are you?

My name is Yoditar, and I come from Venezuela. I am a blogger and community builder.

In April 2022 I became a Vivaldi Ambassador. I’m most active in the Spanish-speaking community, helping with content creation and sharing. I’ve also helped to host an online event as a Twitter Space. The Spanish Vivaldi community is a community that continues to grow every year. More and more people are adopting this browser in universities, companies and as their personal browser.

When did you first get to know about Vivaldi, and what was your first impression?

I first heard about Vivaldi in early 2020, when I accidentally came across a suggestion in some Telegram community or on Twitter.

My first impression was one of curiosity and surprise. I attempted to use it, but it seemed to be a browser with too many features and complexity. After a few more attempts to configure and use it, I abandoned it, because I found it difficult to use and still did not find it useful.

After a few months of using other browsers, I decided to give it another chance, because I needed a powerful browser like Vivaldi. And, since then, it has been my main browser.

I can do things with this browser that I have never been able to do with others. My productivity, flexibility and customization are unique.

When and how do you usually use the Vivaldi browser?

I use Vivaldi to study, to work and for entertainment. I can do everything with Vivaldi!

I use Vivaldi on desktop and mobile, although desktop is my favorite, because that’s where I spend most of my time on the internet.

Vivaldi is my productivity suite, and together with Telegram they are my two must-have tools.

A life without Vivaldi is no life, hehehe.

Which websites, services, and games, etc. do you use most?

I use a lot of social networks like Twitter, Reddit and Vivaldi Social on Mastodon. I like is that Vivaldi lets me access these social networks through the Web Panel or as Progressive Web Apps.

Could I ask for more? Absolutely not! Vivaldi allows me to access my favorite social networks in different ways, to enjoy a better browsing experience in my own way.

Of course, I also access my email, blogs, banking, media, videos, music and more from Vivaldi.

In addition, Vivaldi is my workstation for the projects I collaborate on.

How do you customize Vivaldi?

Privacy is very important to me, and, with Vivaldi, I get what I need, while enjoying a smooth browsing experience.

That’s why a while ago I wrote a post on my Medium blog (in Spanish) about how to configure privacy settings in Vivaldi to enjoy optimized internet privacy.

On the visual side, I have set up Theme Scheduling with the Aurora Dark theme used during the day and the Vaporwave theme at night.

Yoditar’s browser theme at night.

What is your favorite Vivaldi feature?

To say just one is impossible, but I can say two: Web Panels and Progressive Web Apps

Both allow me to quickly and easily access the websites or social networks that I use constantly.

The Web Panel on side of the browser window allows one-click access to what is most important to me, so I don’t miss anything while I read, write or reply to comments on social media. For me, the Web Panel is like having tabs always active, without the need to open those tabs.

Whereas the Progressive Web Apps allow me to have an immersive experience on social networks like Twitter, Reddit or YouTube on a larger screen and with an enhanced login experience.

Can you give us a few, final words about Vivaldi?

Vivaldi is everything a browser and the internet should be: a huge community of users customizing the internet to suit them, creating, exploring, and sharing, while respecting their privacy and decisions about how the web should be.

For me, Vivaldi amplifies your web browsing experience; it’s a browser that adapts to each user. Everything you ever imagined you could do with your browser, Vivaldi does. You could say that Vivaldi makes your dreams come true. 😃

If Vivaldi has also made your dreams come true, why not share your story with the community? Get in touch with us at [email protected] or ping a Community Manager on the Forum.

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