Beware of scammers on Telegram: Warning from Vivaldi Technologies

We have noticed growing scammer activity using the Vivaldi browser name. Beware of scammers who try to deceive advertising publishers by pretending to be representatives of Vivaldi browser.

Scammer warning from Vivaldi.

We’ve received several reports of recent scams trying to fraudulently use the Vivaldi browser name. The fraudulent correspondence is distributed by e-mail, on websites, as well as in various Telegram channels.

The correspondence falsely claims that it comes from a representative of Vivaldi Technologies who would like to pay for advertising services using cryptocurrency. The scams often carry Vivaldi’s name and logo and appear to be authorized communication from Vivaldi.

The scammers try to deceive publishers by asking them to transfer funds to various cryptocurrency platforms. They claim that it’s impossible to pay for advertising services without prior registration of the publishers on various impostor websites.

The emails that they use typically end in which is the email domain of Vivaldi’s public Webmail service available to all users of and used for logging into Vivaldi’s Sync, Forum, Webmail and Blogging platform.

Please be reminded that the email addresses of Vivaldi employees end with

Due to the increased activity of scammers pretending to be the representatives of Vivaldi, Vivaldi Technologies makes the following statement:

Vivaldi Technologies officially announces that we do not conduct or plan any advertising campaigns on Telegram or in other channels that involve direct payments to individuals, including using cryptocurrencies.

Unfortunately, by taking advantage of the growing popularity of the Vivaldi browser, scammers are trying to deceive people using a false name.

We hope that no one is harmed by the actions of scammers and strongly recommend that users report any suspicious activity to us.

We also recommend to report all fraudulent activity to the law enforcement agencies. This will help reduce the number of such attempts.

Ilya Shpankov, Marketing Manager

Stay vigilant when interacting with third parties over email, internet, phone or text messages.

Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash.

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