Vivaldi browser launches on mobile. The first version is now available on Android.

Includes new Tracker Blocker, Ad Blocker, Tab bar and more.

a new versVivaldi 3.0 arrives on Windows, Mac and Linux computers and the much-awaited first version of Vivaldi launches on Android devices. 

OSLO, Norway – 22nd April 2020 – Vivaldi Technologies launches its biggest update this year – the first much-awaited version of Vivaldi browser lands on Android devices. 

After a few months in beta, some incredible feedback, and impressive downloads, Vivaldi is now even more packed with unmatched features. Available on Android 5 or higher, it’s also compatible with tablets and Chromebooks. 

Now that people are spending a lot more time online, Vivaldi is doubling down on giving users a new browser with a native Ad blocker – the most requested feature for Android – and tracking protection for uninterrupted browsing, enhanced privacy and speed. 

Simultaneously, a robust version Vivaldi 3.0 also launches on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers with a new Tracker blocker, Ad blocker, Status Bar Clock and more.

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As we navigate the difficult times of the pandemic together, the browser takes the center stage. The new Vivaldi, both on desktop and mobile, represents the evolving needs of today’s savvy users,”

–  Jon von Tetzchner, CEO and co-founder, Vivaldi

Now more than ever, humanity needs an internet that’s well-functioning and open but also private and secure. With the new Vivaldi, users can browse with its wealth of features freely and efficiently without being tracked online.

–  Jon von Tetzchner, CEO and co-founder, Vivaldi

What makes Vivaldi for Android different from the pack?

Screenshot explaining the Android UI

With a first-of-its-kind User Interface, Vivaldi puts focus on ease of use, flexibility, keeping go-to tools (including Panels, Speed Dials, Notes and Capture) within easy reach, and a distinctive visual appeal. The key functionality is all just a tap away. 

In most browsers, it’s difficult to keep track of many open tabs. But in Vivaldi, users can view the tabs that are open and also switch between them easily. Vivaldi has integrated an elegant desktop-style Tab Strip in the UI by default.

This unique feature improves usability significantly. For more screen space, it can be disabled in Vivaldi Settings.

Screen space is crucial in mobile browsing where every pixel matters. Unlike other browsers, Vivaldi has a carefully designed, intuitive user interface for both portrait and landscape mode.

Landscape mode comes with greater width. When the browser is flipped in landscape mode, it will not look like portrait mode. For maximum space – and easy access – the toolbar at the bottom is removed and buttons moved to the top.

At the same time, even the System Status Bar at the top can be enabled or disabled for more screen space.

Many mobile phones today have large screens and users can browse the desktop versions of sites. For that, all the vertical space is needed and that’s what Vivaldi gives its users.

Here’s a closer look of Vivaldi’s user interface: Portrait, landscape, and a tablet mode:

Browse privately with built-in Ad and Tracker blocker

In place of ads and trackers, Vivaldi offers privacy and speed. Just like on desktop, the Tracker blocker uses the DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar-powered blocklist.

Off by default, users can enable the Tracker and Ad blockers through the shield icon in the left end of the Address field or head to Settings → Ads and Tracker blocking

The shield icon indicates whether Ad and Tracker blocking is active on the current page. It also helps to enable or disable blocking for specific sites if that’s what users prefer. Users can also manage the blocking level per site from here (or from Settings → Ads and Tracker blocker).

For enhanced privacy, users can also keep their browsing history discreet using private tabs – searches, sites visited, cookies and temporary files won’t be stored by Vivaldi.

Sync your data, seamlessly and safely

Sync browsing data – Bookmarks, Speed Dials, saved passwords, autofill information, History (only typed URLs for now), Notes – securely between installations of Vivaldi and other devices with end-to-end encryption.

No third-party servers – Vivaldi stores Sync data on its own servers in Iceland. 

Manage tabs with a Tab Switcher

With a quick swipe, find an open tab, private tab, recently closed tab or even a tab that is open on another device. Pro-tip: Rather than copy/pasting a URL to create a duplicate tab, select Clone Tab from the menu to save time.

Take notes on the go

Create notes as you browse and sync them between devices with the built-in Notes feature. Unique to Vivaldi, Notes help you do more – faster.

Snap screenshots

Capture, save and share instantly a full-page screenshot of any website, or just a selection of the area visible on your screen– a unique functionality. 

Do more with Speed Dials on the Start Page

Browser fast, create multiple Speed Dials for different tasks or categories, group and manage bookmarks into folders – all with just a tap. Drag and drop to rearrange Speed Dials, add (and even edit) Speed Dials to the current folder and get to sites quicker. 

Search and switch engines on the fly

Switch from one search engine instantly in the Address Bar using nicknames – another unique feature. 

Embrace dark mode

Choose between Vivaldi’s dark and light theme and browse more efficiently in tune with personal needs and aesthetic preference. 

Tweak Vivaldi even more in Settings:

Access the Settings window through the Vivaldi menu and play around with some useful functions:

  • Get a clean house with a quick swipe by enabling Swipe to Close Tabs. 
  • Change the size of Speed Dials with Small Speed Dials.
  • Tick Hide Status Bar for more screen space. 
  • Enable Show Scrollbars on Internal Pages to see how far down the page you are.
  • Browse with Always Show Desktop Site to display the desktop version of the site.
  • Under Accessibility, go for Simplified View for Web pages for clutter-free “reader view” style pages.  

“Vivaldi continues to create a better, safer and more privacy-oriented internet. And the internet is all about having flexibility in what you do online. We make this possible with a variety of built-in tools in the browser. If it’s useful, we build it in

–  Jon von Tetzchner, CEO and co-founder, Vivaldi

Find out more about the new Vivaldi 3.0 on Desktop: Vivaldi’s singular focus is to give users a more private, productive and personal browser across platforms. Here are the highlights of the new robust desktop version: 

  • Blocks trackers: The built-in Tracker blocker, using DuckDuckGo’s Tracker Radar-powered blocklist, blocks creepy third-party trackers while browsing. 
  • Blocks unwanted ads: The built-in Ad blocker bolsters privacy and speed. Disabled by default, lets users control the levels of privacy protection. 
  • Clock the time: A unique customisable clock in the Status Bar that offers countdown and alarm functionality. 
  • Improved Spatial Navigation: Notably excluding from major browsers today, lets users navigate pages efficiently with a keyboard only.
  • More than a million ways to customise: Countless customisation options and an arsenal of flexible features underscore Vivaldi’s adaptability to user needs. 

Head for a detailed overview of the desktop version here.

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