Vivaldi 3.7

Vivaldi 3.7 fires up performance. Also includes native support for Apple’s M1 processors.

Vivaldi goes fast 🚀

With serious under-the-hood improvements, you will shave minutes off your day, and hours off your year. Tabs in Vivaldi now open twice as fast. Windows open faster too.

Vivaldi arrives on M1!

Vivaldi is now available for Apple’s new Macs with ARM-based M1 processors. Browsing with Vivaldi is now 2x faster on Mac machines using M1. Enjoy!

Vivaldi browser with tabs getting stacked by hosts

Declutter a crowded Tab Bar with two clicks

Right-click on a tab and select “Stack Tabs by Hosts”. Tabs from the same domain will get stacked automatically. Magic! ✨

Periodic Tab Reload comes to Web Panels

We extend Periodic Tab Reload to Web Panels. The websites you add as Web Panels now reload at regular intervals. Set the interval you’d like. This is especially useful for websites that offer up-to-date information such as news sites.

Quick Commands work with search strings

The keyword that you search for in Quick Commands is now bolded, similar to how search words are highlighted in the Address Bar. Suggesting search strings helps you find what you’re looking for faster.

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Vivaldi 3.6

Vivaldi 3.6 introduces Two-Level Tab Stacks. The solution to too many tabs is here – a second Tab Bar.

So what is Two-Level Tab Stacks?

Do you group and manage tabs in Tab Stacks? We’ve had Tab Stacks forever, but now we take this awesome feature to the next level, literally.

In the new version, you can display stacked tabs on a second level in the Tab Bar. 🔥

Two-Level Tab Stacks in the vertical view of Vivaldi browser.

Better display, more control

Two-Level Tab Stacks are great if you want to display stacked tabs in full size. The feature offers all the other benefits of normal-sized tabs and works perfectly with tabs at the top, bottom, or to the side.

Choose between Two-Level Tab Stacks and Compact Stacks.

Tab Tiling in Vivaldi.

Tabs for an organized life

There’s much more to Vivaldi’s tab management. View multiple sites in split-screen view with Tab Tiling or go for tree-style view with the Window Panel.

Switch between tabs seamlessly with Tab Cycling, keyboard shortcuts, or mouse gestures.

Even, round tabs or add custom window background to the Tab Bar. 🔥

Come chat with us on the forum

The Vivaldi forum is a place to talk about the browser, share customization ideas and clever tricks, troubleshoot bugs, shape the browser’s development and, why not, just talk about tech with like-minded people from around the world.