Vivaldi 2.5 RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1525.37

Today’s snapshot is the first release candidate for 2.5.

Release candidate feedback

To help us get 2.5 out the door as soon as possible, please focus your feedback on serious regressions since 2.4 stable. If you want to ask about new (post 2.5) features or longstanding issues, please do so on our forums.

Note: This build will receive updates from the snapshot autoupdate stream. Even if there are no additional changes, Vivaldi will be rebuilt for the stable autoupdate stream, resulting in another version number change. Further translations will also be applied.

Download (1525.37)


  • [New] Enable Razer Chroma support
  • [Regression][Win][Linux][Vivaldi Menu] Bookmark subfolders automatically open if they are the first items (VB-52757)
  • Updated translations

Main photo by Zany Jadraque

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Grazie per avere scaricato Vivaldi!

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