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Vivaldi Mail supercharges your email client into a command center - across multiple accounts, mailing lists and feeds.

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It's free, and available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Make your email client work the way you want

While most email clients & services have a workflow for you in mind, Vivaldi Mail lets you customize it to your heart’s content. Take control of how your email client looks, feels, and works.

Organize all your accounts

Take back the hours you spend sorting emails every day. Instantly access all your email accounts in a single, unified inbox, and deal with messages more quickly — so you can move on to what matters most in your day.

Get your toggle on

Say goodbye to inbox clutter with the Toggle Views feature. Hide or show Read emails, as well as messages from mailing lists, custom folders, feeds, junk, and trash, to quickly get the information you need.

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Speed through your inbox

Say hello to more efficient email workflows, with customizable shortcuts! Vivaldi Mail offers 16 configurable keyboard and mouse shortcuts to compose new emails, reply to emails, and more.

Search through all inboxes, instantly

Vivaldi Mail’s powerful database lets you instantly search through selected views or all emails — even when you’re offline. Find that travel itinerary or those meeting details faster.

Vivaldi Mail vs. Superhuman Vivaldi Mail Superhuman
Lets you manage multiple accounts in a single inbox Full support Full support
Automatic contact generation Full support No support
Built-in calendar Full support Full support
Built-in feed reader Full support No support
Customizable keyboard shortcuts Full support Full support
Customizable mouse gestures Full support No support
Searches can be saved as a new filter Full support Full support
Automatic mailing list detection and filtering Full support Full support
Seamlessly integrated in a browser Full support No support

Our answer to organizing your email

  • Learn what makes Vivaldi Mail's UI so special
  • See how easy it is to get organized
  • Go behind the scenes of every feature
Explore Vivaldi Mail features

Think outside the folder

Your time is valuable. Why spend it digging through folders? Instead, create views that show the messages that matter most.

Unseen and unread

There are two counters next to folders in Vivaldi Mail. Brand new mails that have never been seen before are called Unseen. Emails that you have seen but not dealt with are Unread.

Strict privacy policy

Vivaldi Mail doesn't collect information about your behavior, and we make it difficult for others to track you.

Switching to Vivaldi from Superhuman is quick, easy, and fun.

Trusted by millions of users

Having no external investors gives us the freedom to listen to our users and, together with them, build the browser they deserve.

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Need more reasons to switch to Vivaldi Mail?

Here are some more reasons why Vivaldi Mail is the best mail client for power users like you.

Built-in Calendar

Send and receive event invites seamlessly with Vivaldi Calendar.

Integrated Feed Reader

New feed items from Vivaldi Feed Reader display like your other messages in the Mail interface.

Browser benefits

Vivaldi Mail is based on the same robust core as your favorite browser. Manage thousands of messages in a single unified inbox.

The database

A database of all your messages, labels, filters, searches is the bedrock of Vivaldi Mail. All your mail is indexed, so it's searchable offline.

Saved Searches

Searches can be saved as filters. No need to create folders every time.

Multi-account support

With IMAP and POP3 support, you can integrate nearly any email provider.

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