Sehen Sie mit den neuesten öffentlichen Testbuilds, was in Vivaldi als nächstes passiert.

First snapshot of 2019 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1420.4

We are back to work on your favorite browser. So let’s start the year with a few nice fixes and a major Chromium bump.

Long term users will remember that major Chromium updates can have extra issues. So be sure to thoroughly test and let us know if there are any serious regressions.

Download (1420.4)


  • [Regression] Pinned tab expands when closing background tab (VB-47104)
  • [Regression] URL field selection is collapsed in some cases (VB-47428)
  • [Regression] Wrong tab favicons in window panel (VB-47385)
  • [Regression][Linux] After switching windows to another application, any click returns Vivaldi to the foreground (VB-47254)
  • [Mac] Swipe between pages with three fingers not working when using native window (VB-44729)
  • [Developer Tools] Opening links from inspector opens them twice (VB-11330)
  • [Developer Tools] Saving an image doesn’t work (VB-47836)
  • [Extensions] Evernote extension will not accept keystrokes (VB-42683)
  • [Page Interaction] Focus page upon pressing Homepage button (VB-36693)
  • [Page Interaction] Reader settings visible on all tiled pages (VB-47161)
  • [Passwords] Passwords should be visible in Settings (VB-14045)
  • [Quick Commands] Highlight search instead of note after paste (VB-47641)
  • [Settings] Add option to keep last selected search engine (VB-45455)
  • [Tabs] Tabs dragged out of stack to another rejoins first stack (VB-45713)
  • [UI] No close window warning if browser is closed by other means (VB-47549)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 72.0.3626.3

Main photo by NordWood Themes

Ruarí Ødegaard
Written by Ruarí Ødegaard

Quality assurance and testing. A fan of Linux (Slackware), unicycling, simple solutions and a “slow” life style.


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