Changelog – Vivaldi Desktop Browser 3.4 to 3.5


• [Address bar] Trash should contain more than 25 items: now 100 and not cleared on exit (VB-74499)
• [Configurable menus] Enable shortcuts in context menus (VB-73358)
• [Configurable menus] Make menus on start page configurable (VB-73602)
• [Settings] Accept-language setting (VB-3355)
• [Settings] Make Google components optional: Hangouts, Cast, Cloud Print (VB-66018)
• [Settings] Permanent close tab button setting for use on touchscreen devices (VB-12197)
• [Tabs] Add Setting for opening a tab in the background by default (VB-10879)
• [Tabs] Clone tab in background option (VB-14136)
• [Tabs] Updated Tab Stack tool-tips (VB-73673)
• [URL Sharing][Address bar][QR] Add support for sharing via QR code (VB-72604)

Address Bar

•  % doesn’t get encoded (VB-73959)
•  Cropping the URL discards the port information (VB-72226)
•  Editing URL removes slash from path (VB-71838)
•  Moving addresses and text to and from the address bar does not work as expected (VB-73930)
•  No autocomplete on vivaldi:// (VB-73275)
•  Question mark is stripped from URL (VB-71999)
•  Show Full Address ignored when URL field text gets selected (VB-71081)
•  URL string resets briefly before loading new page (VB-73309)

Break Mode

• Make hidden items un-clickable (VB-73829)
• [Status bar] Button doesn’t change when clicked (VB-73097)


• Cannot play data URIs as a video/audio SRC (Naver TV site video does not play) (VB-70553)
• [Windows] Problems with DRM support on various sites (VB-72722)
• [macOS] Problems with DRM support on various sites: macOS only for now, Windows later (VB-72722)


• Empty entries in tab sync menu (VB-73353)
• Move Settings from “Tools” to Root folder in the vertical menu (VB-73524)
• The centre of the settings icon is not transparent (VB-72446)
• [Periodic reload] Not available in all menus for customisation (VB-72749)


• ‘Add attachment’ button is not translated (VB-74052)
• [Panel] Add tooltip on hovering notes (VB-40828)


• Should offer to tile tabs in the window panel, if more than the currently tiled are selected (VB-72050)
• Width not preserved across sessions (VB-69937)
• [Performance] Instagram slow the UI when leaving the page in the background (VB-74642)

Periodic Reload

• Stacking tabs causes automatic reload to break (VB-74097)
• Stops working (VB-73130)

Speed Dials

• Custom folder images maybe not fill the full folder area (VB-73408)
• Use “Aurora Light” as Default Background (VB-73071)


• Always show tab close buttons on a touchscreen device (VB-12197)
• Missing audio identification in the tab cycler (VB-72051)
• Shutdown while in fullscreen video causes the Status Bar and Tab Bar to be lost on restart (VB-71702)
• Tile automatically if they were previously tiled (VB-53778)
• Updated Tab Stack tooltips: Unified border-radius and better text contrast (VB-73673)


• Custom theme resets on the new window (VB-73103)
• Image foreground color not calculated against blended page color (VB-73330)
• Make highlight color more vibrant (VB-73430)
• Menu button for some themes have a forced red color in some themes (VB-73422)
• Scheduled themes needs a new window to take effect (VB-73144)


• [Configurable menus][Periodic reload] Invisible and non-functional Periodic Reload in application menu (VB-73127)
• [Gestures] Do not work when mouse inside date picker (VB-72912)


• [URL Sharing][Address bar][QR][Themes] QR Code pop-up is unreadable on the dark theme (VB-74405)
• [User Profiles] Closing all tabs in the guest window does not show intro (VB-73711)
• [Blocker] Remove the adblock list from preset adblock sources (VB-71901)
• [Configurable menus] Grouping context menu entries in folders creates empty items (VB-73160)
• [Cookies][Dialog] Text in cookie blocked dialog too big causing button to be cut off (VB-72181)
• [Developer Tools][Crash] When closing undocked (VB-72534)
• [History] Problems displaying in Persian (VB-69116)
• [Keyboard] Single key shortcuts lead to changing tab on some input fields: further, fix (VB-72174)
• [Print] Preview fails/loads endless (VB-71592)
• [Quick Commands][macOS] Show fullscreen command (VB-73977)
• [Settings] No way to enable and disable the blocking of third-party cookies in Private Window (VB-74242)
• [Chromium] Upgraded to 87.0.4280.88


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